White Glove and me

A few weeks ago my first solo novel, The Magpies, was published via my agent using Amazon’s new White Glove service. As I write this, The Magpies is at number 2 in the Kindle chart, priced at 99p, and selling 2,000 copies a day. It is also having the very pleasing effect of pulling several of my other novels, co-written with Louise Voss and published by HarperCollins, up the rankings. Read more »

Making books better

Self-published authors, and the role of the publisher in the Kindle age, have been in the news again. First, Kerry Wilkinson announced his deal with Pan Macmillan after selling 250,000 copies of his self-published ebooks.  At the same time, Anthony Horowitz asked if publishers still had a part to play, before rubbishing the prose style of a popular self-published author and concluding that yes, publishers are necessary. Read more »

A clear and present publishing strategy

The last month has been both exciting and surreal for my writing partner Louise Voss and me. Catch Your Death was No.1 on Amazon.co.uk for a month; Killing Cupid reached No.2, helping us achieve the double whammy twice; we sold 42,000 ebooks in June. We were on live TV and radio, written about in the national press, blogged about worldwide. I have written previously on FutureBook about our climb to the top, but the month got more and more surreal as it went on. Read more »


Catch us if you can

As I write this, a novel I co-wrote with Louise Voss, Catch Your Death, is sitting at No.2 on the Amazon Kindle bestseller list. Our other thriller, Killing Cupid, is No.7. As far as I know, we are the first 100% indie novelists to ever have two novels in the Amazon UK top ten, and have equalled the highest position achieved by the other successful indie crime-writing duo, Saffina Desforges, with their thriller Sugar and Spice. Only David Belbin stands between us and the No.1 slot. Read more »

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