Waterstones: Kissing Their Customers Goodbye

Today we read the opinions of many in the trade and business press on the surprise move by James Daunt to let Amazon in to Waterstones through the front door. It is interesting to not that many state the obvious and then pull back to cover the bases just in case it’s a move that may win. Many talk about the so called capitulation over digital and hand over of that business to Amazon. Read more »

Waterstones Let The Fox Into The Chicken Run


Today is a new dawn for UK Booksellling, as its premier retail chain Watersones, effectively handed over its digital if not its future to Amazon. We will read in the press how this is a logical move by Waterstones and is the dawn of a new ebook beginning under its new management, but some will now start to ask whether this is the end of the beginning, or in fact the beginning of the end?  Read more »

Is Publishing Experiencing Its Own Arab Spring?


The Arab spring swept across many Arab states and was driven by the confidence that others had succeeded and maybe they weren’t alone. Read more »

US Survey Says… ebooks readers read more and much more

We know that readers are reading more ebooks in the US, but now new research gives us some interesting insights into their behaviour and their use of digital and physical content. Some 30% of those that read econtent claim that that they now read longer, with some 41% of tablet readers and 35% of ereaders readers claiming to be reading more. Read more »

So who Owns the eBook and App Rights?

We think that we know everything about the rights that we own, or licence. We attempt to control their usage and licensing and yet find ourselves constantly looking over our shoulders and wary of increased infringement and outright piracy. Read more »

Encyclopaedia Britannica Stop The Presses

Encyclopaedia Britannica have announced what we all thought had already happened and that it will cease production of its printed 32-volume Encyclopaedia. Encyclopaedia Britannica remains the oldest English-language encyclopaedia being first published in Edinburgh 244 years ago, between 1768 and 1771. Read more »

Can TED ED Capture and Share the Best?

TED has enabled many great speakers, their vision and thoughts to be shared across the globe. Many would have never known about the likes of Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense without TED Talks. The eloquent education evangelist, Sir Ken Robinson has reached millions through TED and has been viewed over 11 million times and continues to be watched by more than 10,000 people every day. Read more »

So How Do You Reward The Author?

At one end of the value chain we have ebook pricing, which today is in need of a sustainable model that is in the consumer interest. After all, they are the final arbitrator and the only one who actually puts real revenue into the chain. At the other end, we also find a similar need for a sustainable reward model, which is in the long term interest of the author. Read more »

PayPal Bans PayPorn!

Tomorrow what we can read, watch and the art we observe may not be decided by ourselves or governments and laws but by a new breed of censors. These censors may have no qualification or experience, just the ability to switch off those who they deem unfit. Read more »

How Do You Price eBooks?

Some would suggest that current ebook pricing resembles the kitchen floor after the baby has had its dinner, with bits of food left all around waiting to be tidied up. Read more »

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