Digital Publishing: Distributor Relationships in ELT

In the run up to the IATEFL conference this week, held in Liverpool, I though it would be relevant to write a blog about the state of the English Language Teaching market for digital textbooks and resources.  Read more »

Apple, Microsoft and Google are going back to school

‘Back to school’ used to be such a straightforward affair… get a new pair of shoes, a new notebook and some pencils. Now the big question is whether to buy a tablet, PC, laptop or netbook. To top it off, we’ve got Apple, Microsoft and Google, slugging it out in a bid to become the number 1 student choice for tablet.  Read more »


Multi-touch E-books vs Apps

Have you heard the noise about iBooks Author (iBA) recently? Apple are keen for publishers to use this to create beautiful multi-touch books within the iBookstore. Simply (or not so simply) add widgets and your book can include slideshows, videos and dynamic 3-D animation. Read more »

BISG Launches EPUB 3.0 Grid


Although EPUB 3.0 has been a standard since October 2011, the adoption of the EPUB 3 standard by the major e-book retailers has been very slow, if non-existant.  Currently, iBooks and Vitalsource are the only two e-book platforms that are officially supporting EPUB 3 that I am aware of. Getting a complex book to work across iPads, Amazon, Kobo and Nook devices is undeniably a challenge. Read more »

Innovation from Outside the Publishing Industry – The Underground Bookclub

 This month has seen the launch of an app which is entrpreneural in nature and innovative in concept. Read more »

Reader's Digest E-books on iBooks

Recently, the YUDU books team had the pleasure of working on some beautiful Reader's Digest e-books provided to us by Reader's Digest books. Read more »

"E-Book Standards" - really?

In the jostle for market share in the tablet space Amazon is betting it will sell a great deal of content through the Kindle Fire as unlike its fierce competitor Apple it does not make money on its hardware sales. Read more »

What Apple’s textbook vision means for publishers


In New York last week, Apple announced their big play for the textbook market. It consists of three elements: a new iBooks Author tool, an update to the iBooks app, and an update to the iTunes University app.

iBooks Author Read more »

Increased e-book interactivity set to revolutionise revenue streams for publishers.

As readers of this blog will no doubt be aware there are massive changes happening in the way that we interact with traditional book content. High consumer expectations of digital reading came from Apple and then Android Apps. Apps have meant that readers and publishers no longer simply thought just about text and images but came to expect greater functionality and interactivity from content. However the main issue with Apps was how expensive they were to produce. But the recent announcement from Apple that iBooks 1.5 now supports Javascript is set to change all that. Read more »

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