FutureBook 2013: Ashleigh Gardner Q&A

Ashleigh Gardner is head of content at Wattpad and a speaker at FutureBook 2013.

Is Wattpad’s method of crowdsource editing making authors an even more viable product, either for the self-publishing or traditional publishing market? Read more »

FutureBook 2013: Susan Jurevics Q&A

Susan Jurevics is c.e.o. of Pottermore and speaker at FutureBook 2013.

and speaker at FutureBook 2013.and speaker at FutureBook 2013.

How do you balance attracting new fans and re-engaging fans that are now a little bit older? Read more »

FutureBook 2013: Jonathan Glasspool Q&A

Jonathan Glasspool is m.d. of  for Bloomsbury Academic & Professional and speaker at FutureBook 2013.

Bloomsbury has made 10 acquisitions in the academic and professional space in the past five years. Can you tell us more about the thinking behind that strategy? Read more »

Even self-publishers still love the old school

Having a top-selling e-book isn’t as fulfilling as having a book deal, panellists admitted at a recent panel debate.

Self-published authors Mark Edwards and Joanna Penn shared the stage with Henry Volans, head of digital at Faber, to debate whether traditional publishing was being ‘dismantled’ by straight-to-market writers. But the conclusion wasn’t ‘Smash Publishing’, as the event had been titled, but ‘Keep Publishing Yourself Until A Better Option Comes Along’. Read more »


Julia Crouch: Writer-in-residence on a train

So, then: e-books. What do they mean for traditionally published writers? My main problem is that seeing my novels in the kindle store is only a Higg’s-Boson-sized thrill in comparison to the rush of God Particle joy I get seeing my real books in a real bookstore. But I’m glad they’re available on Amazon and Apple, because if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be selling in the same sort of numbers. It means there are more ways for readers to get at books and that can only be a good thing. Read more »


The statistical necessity of creating a trailer

A Q&A with Headline senior marketing manager Vicky Cowell about making the book trailer for The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jen E Smith (January 2012)

1. Trailers are becoming a standard part of a book marketing campaign - how do you make a trailer stand out from the pack? Read more »

Essential things you didn't know about Brain Shots

Academic publishers, having to appeal to digital natives who are used to consuming quick, accessible information on the internet, have been granulising their content digitally for a while now—be it chapters of different authors' works bought together under set themes, or digital platforms making the reading and buying of journals easier. Read more »


University of Warwick launches Writers app

The University of Warwick has launched a new app which shares "the creative secrets of world-class authors" for would-be writers.

The ‘Writers’ iPhone app provides access to more than 200 rare recordings of over 150 authors and poets discussing their work and creative process, from the 1970s to the present day as well as hints and writing tips for budding novelists. The Writers app has been developed by the in-house Web Development Team at the University and the developers are currently planning an Android version. It is available to download free-of-charge from the iTunes store. Read more »



The V&A has produced a new app to coincide with its major Spring exhibition- The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860–1900.

The Cult of Beauty app will include a walking tour through Chelsea (voiced by Rupert Everett) that explores the lives of the artists who lived and worked there and an audio gallery guide within the exhibition itself, written by 19th-century design expert Charlotte Gere, that will provide an introduction to 25 masterpieces within the exhibition. Read more »



In recent months various surveys of consumer attitudes towards e-books, e-readers and devices have been released. All of them have revealed trends for the future of digital publishing, with some responses bucking oft-envisioned ideas and others helping to support common e-predictions. Read more »

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