Welcome to Cooked. A bold project in a changing digital landscape

Commercialising content online (read: charging for content) has always been an opportunity for publishers and something that’s flourished in the academic scene for some time. However, commercialising online content for consumers has always been a bit more difficult. Over at Hardie Grant Publishing we’re about to try something we think is going to change that. Let me introduce you to Cooked. Read more »

10 ways to optimize and monetize your social media strategy in 2013, and sell books.

First of all, thanks everyone for reading my posts - apparently one of my posts was the most read on Futurebook this year, amazing! No surprise that the post was about improving online book sales - it says a lot about the current climate we're in and the tough battles that many publishers are facing, big or small. The post in question has since been translated into Italian and Spanish and repurposed across the web. Read more »

5 things that could change the digital landscape as we know it...


I'm putting my professional reputation on the line but here are 5 things that could significantly alter the digital landscape as we know it. And yes, that is a video for Myspace.

1. Myspace.  Read more »

How good are you at selling books online? Take the test and find out.

Following on from my previous blog - 25 ways to increase your online book sales - is this short test, which I've interpreted and modified from Google's Zero Moment of Truth report. The idea is to quickly test how well any book, and indicatively your publishing programme, is working to maximise sales via online retail. I'll also give you a few ideas on how to interpret the results. Read more »

25 ways to generate better online book sales:

After almost 3 years back in publishing - returning from ecommerce (Borders.co.uk) - I’ve discovered that there are masses of opportunities for publishers to improve the way they sell online. This list represents some of the best and most easily achievable ideas. Some require no investment, some require cultural and personnel change but the common themes are entrepreneurism, tactics and optimisation - 3 vital characteristics needed to be successful at ecommerce, whether as a retailer or vendor. Read more »

Is subscription the future model for eBook retail?

Let's quickly answer the question - yes it is. Now I'll explain why I believe this. Read more »

Australia, the land of opportunity?

Seemingly shielded from the most rampant severity of the global economic downturn, is Australia a territory ripe for the opportunistic? Read more »

3 important questions about digital that nobody is asking.

I was deliberating what I’d write about in my first post for Futurebook and begun by considering the hot subjects everyone is talking about – what % of sales could eBooks account in the future? Are Kobo or Apple genuinely going to give Amazon a run for their money in ebook sales? Read more »

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