Kindle and Nook dominate as iMacPad dwindles

The 2014 results are in and Apple’s iMacPad has for the first time dropped out of the top three ebook devices globally. It was a close run thing with readers finally focussing all their attention on pure ebook readers and dropping their use of tablets for books.

[To remove any doubt, and keep the lawyers at bay, what follows is a pure work of fiction. I do not, or have not possessed a time travel device and my psychic powers are not as good as they may appear. However, anything I am proved right on I reserve the right to say ‘I told you so’]. Read more »

Advantage Amazon As Apple Fans Get Angry

In a week where Apple fans have got angry on the blogs, Amazon appeared to have scored lots of points in the small tablet war. However, dig a little deeper and it was not necessarily the high price tag on the iPad mini that seemed to irk the loyal Apple fans, but the news that their shiny new iPad 3 will be obsolete within a few months with the launch of the iPad 4.

It will be interesting to see how far the innovative manufacturer can stretch the patience of their fans. Have they gone one step too far this time? Read more »

The Paperback is Dead - Long Live The Paperback

Textr Beagle enters the ebook reader market with an £8 device, Kindle has a gorgeous new version, Nook comes to the UK. Is that the last death throes of the paperback we hear? Nah. Read more »

Kobo Strengthened by Rakuten Acquisition for $315m

The news today that eCommerce giant Rakuten is to acquire Kobo Books for $315m lifts Kobo into the big leagues alongside Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Rakuten are a big Japanese player in eCommerce with a 2010 turnover of over $4bn and they have grown by strategic aquisition in Europe. They have over 10,000 staff worldwide and the inclusion of Kobo in their portfolio should be viewed as excting for the eBook market as it sets up further potential interest from other eCommerce players - both as investors and retailers of eBooks. Read more »

Review of eBook with embedded 3D Video

If you had told me even a year ago that we would start to see books with embedded 3D video before Christmas 2011, then even an enthusiast like me would have said you were a few cards short of a deck - but here we are, a kids book with 3D video. Read more »

Kindle Fire is a true iPad rival, but an eReader it ain’t

A quick straw poll on the train in the morning heading into London and in a carriage packed with 60 people there are close to ¾ of them with an electronic device, 10 reading the Metro free paper and five with a book – oh and one bloke with a paper copy of The Times. Before you ebook guys get excited, a quick walk through of what content people have on their iphones/android phones and iPads I spot a dozen people playing Angry Birds, a couple have newspapers but no books. There are fortunately four people with Kindles. Read more »

Blogs now more influential than journalists

If you watched the coverage of London Fashion Week yesterday on SKY News, you will have witnessed the tipping point for that industry as an editor from a leading blog was a lead live interview in the studio. The day before we found that reactions to book press releases from bloggers are lightning fast, and can be aggressive too. Read more »

Global Rights Trading Platform Will Prove A Godsend For Small Publishers

You know that feeling when you see a new innovation that is so blindingly simple (and important) a concept that you kick yourself for not thinking of it. Well, I had that feeling when I came across a new global book rights trading platform aimed at independent publishers.

I had to know more so I tracked down one of the founders, Lisa Buchan who agreed to what turned out to be a fascinating interview.

How did Sparkabook come about? Read more »

Kobo – reaches markets others don’t reach?

We’re seven months into selling eBooks through Kobo and we report back on whether or not new markets have opened up for us. Read more »

KISS my eBook royalites (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

It’s an overused phrase, but one that we have used to avoid the growing pains that the new eBook world is creating for royalties. We think we’ve cracked the payment issue on eBook royalties for our authors in a way that is fair to the authors, but doesn’t shackle our growth. Read more »

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