Educational Apps Aren’t Fun

I’m an Educational Publisher but I’m also a parent.  I have three children aged 7, 5 and 1.  The two eldest already possess Apple portable devices so I am pestered to purchase Apps for them both daily.  I have to admit it does make a long car journey more enjoyable to replace the bickering and screaming with the gentle sound of small fingers tapping glass.  I am therefore further motivated to buy more Apps. Now, I should also mention that my wife is a Primary school teacher and is therefore very engaged in our children’s learning. Read more »

Are Education Publishers Really Innovating?

Companies like Apple have been dazzling users with fresh innovations for years.  Publishers have enjoyed riding their coattails into the App-mosphere for some time as well.  But what we haven’t been as clever at is emulating their ability to innovate ourselves, particularly in the field of Education Publishing. Read more »

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