Publishing in China Q&A - Freemium fiction

For the first in a short series of blog posts on the state of publishing in China I've been talking to Helen Sun, the head of Publishing Technology's operations in the country. She recently told me that the biggest sensation in the Chinese book world in the past few years has been something called 'web fiction'. Read more »


Making Facebook pay

Making Facebook pay

Some thoughts on social media monetisation for publishers

We have been saying for some time now that social commerce, the use of online social media in the buying and selling of products and services, is going to be the next big thing for publishers and that Facebook and other social network sites will become the megamalls of the future. But just how realistic is it to make money through social networks and how can publishers get involved in this phenomenon?

Facebook and monetisation Read more »

New research: UK trade publishers predict 2012 will be revenue tipping point for e-books

Today at the BML conference in London, I announced the results of a new study by BML, commissioned by Publishing Technology. The research compared the changing attitudes and ambitions of UK publishers over a ten year period, and shows how changing technologies and consumer demands are affecting the trade publishing industry.  Read more »

Thinking globally but acting locally

Thinking globally but acting locally

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A fragment of this and a bundle of that

A fragment of this and a bundle of that Read more »


'A Bright Future for Publishing': George Lossius speaks to The Bookseller

The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan speaks to George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology.

"Digital is not the demise of publishing," George Lossius says. "There is a really bright future for the publishing industry if they embrace it and have the right infrastructure in place." Read more »

The E Book Market is Getting Pretty Crowded


Another heavy hitter joins the e book party; today Sharpe The Japan's largest maker of liquid-crystal displays announced its intention to launch an e book site in December.  Read more »

Learning on the Go

Mobile Learning

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Apps for Sound History

 Capturing the Sounds of Sheffield using a bright new audio social networking app Read more »

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