Ten challenges to innovation in publishing

Ahead of last year’s FutureBook Innovation Workshop, we published our ‘ten challenges to innovation in publishing’.  Nearly one year on, what are the new challenges to publishers when it comes to digital innovation? At the FutureBook Innovation Workshop in Association with The Literary Platform speakers will be demonstrating how they are currently dealing with some of these challenges – but here are some outline thoughts ahead of the event.  Read more »

The Story behind The Story by Bobette Buster

I'm delighted that LA-based Pixar story consultant Bobette Buster has agreed to speak at the FutureBook Innovation Workshop on 30th May. More here. Read more »

Thriving in the present, looking to the future

In the dystopian series Black Mirror (Channel 4), Charlie Brooker’s skill is to anticipate a technological future that seems at once terrifyingly feasible and fantastical. For those who haven’t been watching, in one episode it imagines a woman bringing her deceased partner back to life by piecing his character together via his social media updates, or a cold interactive world where the only reality is a TV talent show and the outside world is never seen.
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Ten challenges to innovation

In a new report out this week (A Tale of Tech City: The Future of Inner Easy London’s Digital Economy, Centre for London), we’re reminded of the important place that digital innovation plays, and will play, in the UK’s economy.  Read more »

Innovation is coming to town at #FIW12

The FutureBook Innovation Workshop is less than two weeks away and we’re delighted to announce additional speakers to #FIW12 in association with The Literary Platform, which will take place on Thurs 5th July 2012, 1-5.30pm at the Unicorn Theatre. Read more »


We must become active participants in the shaping of the future

Today we are running FutureBook's Innovation Workshop, in association with my own website The Literary Platform.

It’s been an extraordinary year for book publishers. Every day we seem to witness a new twist or turn of events – many are calling it the Wild West and you can understand why – as these are challenging times for publishers. Read more »

Discoverability uncovered

There’s been a lot of talk about ‘discoverability’ recently - as Stephen Page from Faber points out in The Guardian, it’s the ‘new favourite buzzword to bandy about’. Read more »

Get your digital fix at FIW

Next week The Literary Platform will celebrate its first birthday. At launch we saw FutureBook had just been unveiled too (ok, a week before us goddammit) and although we were covering some similar ground, FutureBook was focusing predominantly on what was happening inside the book industry, while The Literary Platform has a focus on what people were doing from outside of the publishing industry. One word keeps creeping into the digital publishing debate again and again - collaboration. Read more »

Testing for the future

Last week design and innovation consultancy IDEO released their thoughts on the Future of the Book  in a neatly executed video. The industry response was mixed – ranging from ‘seen it all before' to ‘wow, how clever'. Read more »

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