How a magical pair of glasses can save your local bookstore. (N.B. They’re not Harry Potter’s)

Ok, Glass, take a photo.

Ok, Glass, film a video.

Ok, Glass, save my local bookstore.

The first two of these instructions Google’s shiny new prototype, Google Glass, can fulfil instantaneously. Simply, pop on the glasses, give the relevant verbal instruction and off they will go. A bit like a digital version of the self-sweeping broom in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The third one they can’t quite do yet but give it a year or so and I’m sure they will get there. Read more »

What an advertising agency would do with Oliver Twist

I’m going to call you Mr Dickens. I’m going to call your book/product Oliver Twist. For the purposes of debate you’re a brand new author with a brand new book. No one, in short, has ever heard of you. You arrive, in the shiny Soho offices of an advertising agency, with a heavy heart. Having looked at your Amazon KDP report last night you have realised that, despite being published for two whole months now, you have only sold two copies. You bought one and you’re fairly certain your doting Aunt Agnes in Market Harborough bought the other. Read more »

The perfect strategy for not getting an agent

So, there I was in my best bib and tucker; sitting on a table in one of the Hilton’s many cavernous conference suites surrounded by fellow nominees of the Publishing Innovation Awards and New York’s digital publishing glitterati. The President of the Publishing Association of America gave the keynote speech and then the CEO of Digital Book World stood up to announce the winners. Best e-book: Fiction was first up. He glanced down at his gilded lectern and read out the name of some odd-sounding bloke called James T. Raydel. I felt a momentary surge of disappointment. Read more »

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