How the 'non-compete' clause can help publishers hold on to digital rights

The rise of ebook technology has brought about a good deal of uncertainty and debate over whether a publisher is entitled to exploit ebook rights in its back list or whether such rights are reserved to the author. Read more »


GBS: dead but by no means buried

The New York District Court has rejected the (amended) Google Books Settlement Agreement (the ASA) concluding that the ASA did not pass the relevant test of being "fair, adequate and reasonable". Read more »


The agency question

No prizes for guessing that the question I am currently being asked more than any other is whether the agency e-book sales model is legal.

The simple answer is that an agency arrangement, where publisher appoints agent to sell e-books on publisher's behalf at prices determined by publisher, can be legal. However, the arrangement must avoid certain potential pitfalls to comply with competition laws. Read more »

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