Music Industry Comparison: Part #8967 (sorry)


Yes, I know, I know, but let’s not worry about all the “is/isn’t the record industry a good comparison for books” stuff. None of it matters if a comparison is interesting, and whichever side of that interminable, pointless debate you fall it certainly is interesting. Read more »

The London cluster

By now everyone knows about innovation clusters. It goes something like this: people start doing interesting things, they achieve some success, so more people come to hang around, spin out of them, bolt on, get inspired and go beyond them, and they in turn achieve some success, and the process continues and keeps building and before you know it, boom, you’ve got Silicon Valley.
The lesson is that innovation breeds innovation, that proximity is important to spreading ideas and that clusters of talent, competition, investment and know-how are the motors behind productive change. Read more »

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