The Self-publishing Conversation is Changing: Report from the 2013 Self-publishing Summit

This weekend, I had the pleasure of addressing New Generation Publishing's Self-publishing Summit. The conference was laid out to take you through the process of self-publishing, with panels that took you in order through a general survey, editing, production, and finally marketing. I had been asked to talk on the first panel, and then the summary panel at the end, so whilst other panelists came and went, I got a fascinating insight into the whole picture. Read more »

Is publishing about to come face to face with the corridor of mirrors that is Alt Lit?

On June 6th, Bloomsbury releases Taipei, the new novel by Tao Lin.

The ear I keep to the publishing ground has picked up very little about this. But the other ear, the one that still listens to the literary underground that’s my spiritual home, has been almost deafened. But from neither side have I really heard anyone talk about why this is potentially a huge moment for publishing. Read more »

In response to Agent Orange

I am not so much a dyed in the wool as a tattooed in the lambshank self-publisher. I have turned down publishers for my last two books and will continue to do so (albeit appreciatively) as long as they are daft enough to come looking. So when several people on Facebook directed me to Agent Orange’s post, I was all set to join the cheerleading. Read more »

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