Apportunity knocks, but should we answer?

You may be interested in a dialogue I had last week with Peter Collingridge, who is a long-term advocate of all things digital, and more recently of enhanced content. Read more »


Thinking globally but acting locally

Thinking globally but acting locally

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What does a stack of CDs as high as the moon have to do with books?

This morning I read an interesting article on the BBC website - scientists have measured how much data the human race stores. You can check the article out here:

It seems the amount of data we store is calculated at about 295 exabytes as of 2007, the year this study uses as a basis (one exabyte is a billion gigabytes fact fans). Read more »

The Heart and the Bottle (rating CBB)

This is a fantastically interactive app telling the story of a young girl who suffers a bereavement and locks her heart in a bottle. The Heart and the Bottle was written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, who has brought us such delightful children's books as Lost and Found, How to Catch a Star, and The Incredible Book Eating Boy. Read more »


‘Fast Books’ Getting Shorter as Population Gets Lazier

The instant society has arrived with bit-sized chunks in all walks of life. On a similar evolution as almost everything in 2011, books are getting shorter as the reader’s clamour for instant gratification intensifies.

I remember driving in Tennessee in 1990, past the myriad of drive-thru fast food chains commenting to my cousin that there were a couple in London but that they hadn’t taken off. He laughed and told me that the latest evolution was drive through supermarkets and banks – I didn’t believe him, especially on the banks. I was wrong. Read more »

A fine romance?

We learned from Nielsen BookScan last year that romance was one of the burgeoning genres within the e-book market, gaining a market share in electronic format about seven times what its market share is of the print book market. And anyone who has followed Mills & Boon's transition to an e-book publisher, will know that lovers of cheap throw-away racy reads are true early adopters. Read more »


Barnes & Noble's advice for Waterstone's (video)

With apologies to Theresa Horner, digital products director at US book chain Barnes & Noble, here are some videos my colleague Charlotte took at the PA's second annual digital seminar. You can read more about it here. Read more »

How Books Change Lives – Battling Cancer with NLP

With our focus on new technology and industry trends, sometimes we can lose sight of the power of the written word to change lives. In an uplifting story, a book by a London cancer patient, himself given a 40% probability of survival, is helping thousands of cancer patients come to terms with their illness. Read more »

New in Taiwan

I am currently in Taiwan, visiting the 19th Taiwan International Book Exhibition. The guest of honour is Bhutan and at the centrepiece of its stand is a incredible 12th century text of transcedental wisdom detailed across a mere 8,000 verses. The verses are written onto woodblocks in liquid gold. As Ma Jing-Yeou, president of Taiwan, noted during the opening ceremony, the text shows how important physical objects continue to be. Read more »

Managing risk

Peter Collingridge, Co-founder of Enhanced Editions, gives FutureBook his view from 3 international digital publishing conferences: In the last two weeks I have spoken at three digital publishing conferences around the world: Digital Book World in New York; NLPVF in Amsterdam and If Read more »

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