How Books Change Lives – Battling Cancer with NLP

With our focus on new technology and industry trends, sometimes we can lose sight of the power of the written word to change lives. In an uplifting story, a book by a London cancer patient, himself given a 40% probability of survival, is helping thousands of cancer patients come to terms with their illness. Read more »

New in Taiwan

I am currently in Taiwan, visiting the 19th Taiwan International Book Exhibition. The guest of honour is Bhutan and at the centrepiece of its stand is a incredible 12th century text of transcedental wisdom detailed across a mere 8,000 verses. The verses are written onto woodblocks in liquid gold. As Ma Jing-Yeou, president of Taiwan, noted during the opening ceremony, the text shows how important physical objects continue to be. Read more »

Managing risk

Peter Collingridge, Co-founder of Enhanced Editions, gives FutureBook his view from 3 international digital publishing conferences: In the last two weeks I have spoken at three digital publishing conferences around the world: Digital Book World in New York; NLPVF in Amsterdam and If Read more »

The global winds of change

Since Digital Book World I've been thinking about Mike Shatzkin's call for US publishers to look overseas into Europe in order to push sales of English-language digital books. There was a good debate at DBW, where Profile's founder Andrew Franklin made a strong case for the retention of territorial rights agreements, and if anything a reinforcement of what they stand for. Read more »


E-book bestseller chart with prices: 7th Feb 2011

Philip Stone, our charts expert, comments on the e-book bestseller charts: Former computer programmer for the RAF Gordon Ferris' The Hanging Shed is the highest new entry in this week's eBestseller list Top 10. The £15.99 hardback edition of Scotland-set thriller hasn't hit UK bookshop shelves yet, but the Kindle edition has been selling for just a quid for a number of weeks. Former eBestseller list chart-topper David Nicholls' One Day is the only other new entry in the Top 10. Read more »

The City of Urm

Five days ago, I had a slightly random moment...

(No surprise there.)

I had been reading Gormenghast and Gentlemen of the Road, and I'd stumbled on the dictionary definition of Cimmerian, which had made me think of Conan. I'd also been talking to Tom Armitage and Alex Butterworth about collaborative narratives. Read more »

Review: War in the Pacific iPad app

Adam Wills, Digital content sales manager at John Wiley & Sons has reviewed this app for FutureBook: Carlton Books and Gameloft have created more than a reading experience with this app. The reader is immersed more deeply in the text than they would have with the print edition or a vanilla eBook. The question that this raises with me is at what point does an eBook become an app? It’s quite tricky to pin War in the Pacific to a given category. Read more »

Has Colour Print On Demand (POD) Come Of Age?

I was there when it all started. Colour Print On Demand (POD). In the less than glamorous surroundings of a printing exhibition (IPEX 2002), a groundbreaking machine from Xerox called the iGen3 was unveiled. But in 2011 is colour POD still out of reach? Read more »

Melding storytelling and social gaming

Digital fiction company Failbetter Games provide a case study of their game Echo Bazaar, how it works, engages an audience and ultimately is monetised. Some great ideas for publishers to consider: New media developments affect the way we read, and publishing is battling to keep up. That’s not news for anyone reading this. Read more »

Most downloaded books from UK libraries (in Jan 2011)

Overdrive have provided their figures on the most downloaded ebooks and audiobooks in UK libraries during January 2011: Read more »

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