DBW11: the beginning for publishers, the end for high street booksellers?

I am in New York at the Sheraton attending Digital Book World 2011. Key points so far emerging out of the introductory research presented by Forrester and the c.e.o. panel is that publishers regard 2010 as the the end of the beginning for the digital transition, while there are serious doubts about the future for high street booksellers, though Open Road's Jane Friedman did make a case for independents as "community" booksellers: the original users of social media. Interestingly, despite being well ahead of the UK, few US executives saw a viable economic model for the app. Read more »

Is the digital debate the solution or the problem?

 The great journalist Robert Fisk wrote a piece in the INDEPENDENT newspaper in 2005 which has stayed with me ever since because it articulated a feeling that had been growing since I’d left university a year earlier, a suspicion of the Read more »

What book publishers can learn from gaming.

Jay Franco, Producer of Gameloft's iPad app 'War In The Pacific' gives us his views on where the opportunities lie for publishing and gaming coming together: We collectively felt a real exciting opportunity in creating interactive books for the iPad, and we’ve put our attention there. Gameloft has proven its know-how in creating successful game apps, so we were excited to break new ground on the book-app side. Also, most iPad book-apps are currently for children; I believe we can do great interactive books for adults too. Read more »

Our First Year With Amazon Kindle as an Independent Publisher

It’s now a year since we started working on Kindle formats for our books and it’s been an interesting and ultimately very rewarding experience – but we are still learning. All our new titles are being launched in that format, and we are working on the back catalogue as budgets allow. Amazon provides free software for Kindle titles to work on virtually any device [from PCs to Android and iPhones, iPads and other tablets] and it’s only really when you get into it more you realise what a masterstroke that is. Read more »

A fragment of this and a bundle of that

A fragment of this and a bundle of that Read more »


Digital Innovation Awards: entry now open

I am excited to announce that entry is now open for FutureBook's 'digital innovation' awards. The first of their kind to recognise how the trade is embracing the future with new products, new ways of working, and new strategies. It is a very exciting time in the industry. Read more »

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 17th Jan 2011

Here is today's e-bestseller list with prices from major e-tailers. Prices supplied by Luzme.com (formerly ebookprice.info).

The FutureBook e-bestseller list is compiled by The Bookseller's chart expert Philip Stone. He uses a points-based system based on e-tailer chart positions and estimated e-tailer market shares. It is compiled at the same time each week. This will be replaced by a more robust e-chart when it is available. Read more »

Review: David Suzuki's The Legacy enhanced e-book app

Chris Book is CEO of Bardowl, a start-up Audiobook retailer in the UK (www.bardowl.com). He has reviewed David Suzuki's enhanced ebook app for FutureBook: David Suzuki is a geneticist, zoologist, broadcaster and author from Canada, where on retirement leading academics give a final lecture – their legacy – to their students and colleagues. And this book is based upon that lecture. Read more »

Note from Culture Hack Day

A quick thought from Culture Hack Day... Read more »

Shattering the gloom

The news we reported yesterday at The Bookseller that digital sales of HarperCollins' number one title Stuart MacBride's Shatter the Bones were almost 18.9% of total sales, raises a number of important questions. Read more »

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