Shattering the gloom

The news we reported yesterday at The Bookseller that digital sales of HarperCollins' number one title Stuart MacBride's Shatter the Bones were almost 18.9% of total sales, raises a number of important questions. Read more »

The Internet: Good for Debut Writers Since Forever

I received an email from the lovely Sam Eades (@SamEades) this week about Julia Crouch (@thatjuliacrouch), one of Headline's debut authors for Spring, who is proving that the internet really is opening up different routes to publishing.

Julia completed her debut Cuckoo, a psychological thriller, during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) the annual creative writing challenge which sees participants try and write 50,000 words between 12:00:01 on November 1st and 11:59:59, November 30. Read more »

Peppa's app

Here is an app from Penguin that will delight all Peppa-philes. The app is based on the episode "Stars", and sees Peppa and her younger sibling George take an interest in star-gazing after George appears at the dining table wearing a spacesuit. Read more »


E-book bestseller charts with prices: 11th Jan 2011

This week's e-book charts now with prices from Luzme (formerly I plan to post this on Mondays from next week. Read more »

An Update on America – An Independent Publisher Crossing The Pond

This article is written six weeks after launching our US Office [physical address and phone number] and website on a budget of around £150 a month. Having been involved in eCommerce since before the internet existed [remember EDI?] I’ve long been preaching to people about the importance of local content with websites, and we finally took our own medicine at the end of last year – and the results so far are very encouraging. Read more »

Future perfect?

To echo what many publishing executives have been saying to us since we returned to our desks last week, 2011 will be the year when digital finally takes a significant and measureable share of UK 'book' sales. Read more »

Questions for 2011, part deux: What price J K Rowling's digital rights?

Stratospheric. Rowling, the longtime e-book refusenik, indicated last year through the Christopher Little Agency (CLA) that the time is nigh for something to finally be done with the Harry Potter digital rights. Read more »


Goodbye, DRM?

At the risk of banging on: at the FutureBook conference last year, I asked the room if anyone believed DRM was effective in reducing piracy. One person was prepared to say they did, but I'm not sure they weren't kidding. Read more »


Questions for 2011, part 1: Will the agency model hold?

2011 opens with perhaps more uncertainty than most years for the trade. You all know the reasons why: a stuttering economy, a shaky high street, falling print sales and, germane to this site, difficulty in gauging which way the digital winds will blow. So, over the next few days, we will attempt to address some of the big questions facing the industry this year.     

First up: will the agency model hold? Read more »

Review: The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce iPhone app

Susie Dent, writer and broadcaster on language issues, and the Dictionary Corner adjudicator on C4's Countdown reviews the iPhone app for FutureBook:Those of us who deal in dictionary making are all-too-familiar with Samuel Johnson’s infamous description of a lexicographer as a ‘harmless drudge’. But there is another definition, written some 160 years later, which prompts a similar wry smile. Read more »

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