Review: Mark Kermode's It's Only a Movie iPhone app

Alex Wormall, a former Waterstone's bookseller and lifelong book addict reviews Mark Kermode's iPhone enhanced e-book app: I think it is only fair to begin this review with a couple of admissions. Firstly, Mark Kermode is a critic who tends to divide people. They are either hugely in favour or very much against him. I am definitely a huge fan and a regular listener to his film show with Simon Mayo. Secondly, I am a book lover, but have an almost instinctive apathy when it comes to reading books in any form other than paper. Read more »

What is the last book shopping day for Christmas?

The answer is 25th December if you are online – 24th if you are a physical shop. That’s not a typo, if you are a bookseller or publisher then the online appetite from consumers won’t stop when the tills in the shops close on Christmas Eve. Shopping on Christmas Day is a relatively new phenomenon. In 2008 as in years before, shopping online started to slow down around the 16th December and stopped almost altogether on the 19th. Read more »

My Kindle experiment

Four weeks ago I put three of my books onto Kindle as an experiment – all priced at 99 cents.

I thought you might be interested to know that in all over the four weeks I have sold 7,529 copies  and that all three books got into the Top 20 in the UK Kindle Top 100 list. I was no way near as successful in the US, however!

The books are  -

Once Bitten – a thriller based around vampires in LA

The Basement – the hunt for a serial killer in NYC

Dreamer’s Cat – a virtual reality murder mystery Read more »


Profile: Stephen Cole, Founder and CEO of celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Founder and CEO Stephen Cole discusses some of the hurdles he jumped in order to bring to where it is today, and some that lie ahead – like competing with Amazon and Google: 

Origins Read more »

A cloudy future

The e-book wars have entered the next phase. First Google eBooks (the artist formerly known as Google Editions—the new name far, far clearer for the consumer, surely) launches in the US, to be followed by a UK and Continental Europe launch presumably early next year. Read more »

Preview: Why the Net Matters iPad app By David Eagleman

My first thought is whether to call Canongate's app a book app as this is not a digital version of a printed book, this app was conceived with the author David Eagleman for the iPad exclusively. One of the first of a new type of collaboration between author, publisher and developer to deliver digital-only products. Read more »

Bringing digital into focus

Publishing must be one of the most audience-sensitive businesses going. Everywhere you look products are categorised by what they are and who they are for: Fiction, Non-fiction; Pre-school, Young Reader, Teen, Young Adult, Adult; Crime, True Crime, Historical Crime, Thriller, and so on.

Publishers spend lots of time and money understanding whether a title will sell to its target audience. They also place value in people that can predict popularity and ‘the next big thing’. Read more »

Profile: Peter McGarrick of Quicklook Books

Peter McGarrick is a retired lawyer turned publishing entrepreneur, who has launched a new electronic publishing company called Quicklook Books. He speaks here about his experiences so far: A while ago it struck me that many publishers were viewing the ebook simply as a new way to offer traditional books – essentially scanning them into digital format. Read more »

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