Ebook reading comes of age in India 

Delhi recently saw the launch of a new reading device which could well be the one which makes the switch of reading habits in India to electronic format. The Wink, developed by EC Media is the brainchild of Ravi DeeCee a well known publisher based out of Kerala, India (DC Books) and has many similarities to that of the Kindle. There are a couple of versions coming on to the market ranging in price from INR 6,999 to INR 13,499 – the current model retails at INR 11,490 (£160). Read more »

Whatever happened to Google Editions?

Remember Google Editions? The Googly ebook store that was announced earlier this year and was going to launch in June or July? Well, it's not arrived yet, as you may have noticed. Read more »


Ten things about the agency model in the UK

Two quick things and then 10 more points on the arrival of the agency model in the UK. Since The Bookseller broke the news that Hachette was to begin enforcing the agency model on some suppliers from Monday, we've been buffeted by two compelling forces. One to make the case for the agency model. Read more »

Have you ever been a pajama panellist?

I have. I made my Hollywood ‘debut‘ in my pajamas! At 4am this morning I was ‘Skyped’ in as a panellist at Digital LA’s Storytelling: Social Media & Transmedia panel at the WGA and it was fabulous.  Of course, being a ‘talking head’ on a laptop felt a little strange, as ‘I’ had to be turned to face the audience and then the panellists but the conversation was so good that I soon forgot that:-

a) it was 4am, Read more »

A recipe for success?

Recipe taken from the Publishing Almanac 2010; Take a handful of wistful nostalgia and mix with a pinch of regret. Work in a fistful of stubbornness - being careful not to look at the actual mixture. Sprinkle uncertainty and doubt on top. Place in financial constraints and pop it in the oven pre-heated to miltonian temperatures. Close your eyes, wait an indefinite amount of time and hope for the best. When ready, the strategy cake should have a firm but uncertain texture accompanied by that new book smell. Read more »

Something else you can't do while using an iPad - drive a bus

Another Amazon Kindle ad?


Why the agency model is flawed

When the 'agency model' agreement landed on my desk last week, I was reminded of the conversations I had with music publishers 5 years ago. Read more »

The era of cheap e-books is coming to an end

So I had some interesting conversations last night at the incredibly busy FutureBook drinks. But the most interesting was the broad hint that a major UK publisher would be moving its e-book customers over to the agency model shortly. Read more »


Review: Philip Pullman's The Good Man Jesus app

Rob Chilver, bookseller and writer and reviewer for the Waterstone’s Books Quarterly reviews Philip Pullman's enhanced edition app for Futurebook: You can buy it via the Kindle and in the iBookstore for under eight pounds so why spend £9.99 for the Enhanced Edition? Read more »

Review: myFry app

Gavin from NextRead.co.uk reviews Stephen Fry's new iPhone app, myFry: Stephen Fry's obsession with all things gadgety is well known, as is his special fondness of Apple. So it's no real surprise that to coincide with the release of The Fry Chronicles, the second volume of his autobiography, Penguin has not only released an iPhone app to accompany the expected hardback, they've released Apple iBook and Amazon Kindle ebook editions too. Though only the iBook edition is enhanced with video. Read more »

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