Royalties on ebooks

After a splendid day yesterday at the Futurebook conference in London, I found myself pondering many things. There was lots to ponder on workflows, business change, market ideas and so many more. One point, though, came up only briefly during the final panel question time, and it crystallised something I've been wondering for a while. Why, exactly, do so many authors and agents feel that they deserve a greater share of the income for ebooks compared with print? Read more »

The Digital Crossroads

As the publishing industry immerses itself in what is fast becoming something of a digital revolution, publishers need to remain well-grounded and consider their 360° strategy whilst remaining flexible and open-minded, says Publishing Technology plc’s CEO, George Lossius. Read more »

Looking forward to FutureBook 2010: but are booksellers?

On the eve of the FutureBook conference, I have been reflecting on how booksellers—small and large—can participate in the digital revolution. Read more »

Review: The Adventures of Simon Pegg and.... iPhone app

Writer and illustrator Mike Topping reviews Simon Pegg's iphone app for FutureBook: Deep in the bowels of a mock-tudor manor house somewhere in North London, a suave, buff superhero sits in his cavernous, tricked-out superhero lair. On the bank of giant screens before him: a YouTube video of a farting baby. Read more »

Futurebook 09/10 - what's another year?

On the eve of the second Futurebook conference, a comparison with its predecessor shows how rapidly the industry is developing... Read more »

The Beatles and The Agency Model

A few weeks ago Read more »


To E the best

The lack of visibility over which digital books are selling and in what kind of volume is likely to become one of the key issues of 2011. Nielsen BookScan knows this, and so does the New York Times. Read more »


Review: Jasper Fforde's The Last Dragonslayer enhanced e-book

Writer Kathryn Eastman reviews The Last Dragonslayer enhanced e-book for Futurebook: In the good old days, magic was powerful, unregulated by government, and even the largest spell could be woven without filling in magic release form B1-7g. Then the magic started fading away. Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Strange runs Read more »

Facing the first truly electronic Christmas as an Independent Publisher

Steve Emecz runs independent London publishers MX Publishing specialising in NLP and therapy books. He talks us through the huge growth in e-book sales over 2010, what he anticipates for Christmas and into 2011: We are facing the first truly electronic Christmas trading period in the book publishing industry, and looking back on the last twelve months it has been an incredible period of change.

Google Books Settlement: le sequel

So, before the revised Google Settlement is passed, Hachette Livre and Google have cooked-up their own settlement in France. On the surface the deal looks to have answered some of those troubling uncertainties about the former deal, with control of scanned book—past, present and future—coming firmly under the control of Hachette Livre. For example I like the following line: Books not suitable for scanning will be removed from Google services. This also applies to works already scanned by Google. Read more »

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