Profile: Stephen Cole, Founder and CEO of celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Founder and CEO Stephen Cole discusses some of the hurdles he jumped in order to bring to where it is today, and some that lie ahead – like competing with Amazon and Google: 

Origins Read more »

A cloudy future

The e-book wars have entered the next phase. First Google eBooks (the artist formerly known as Google Editions—the new name far, far clearer for the consumer, surely) launches in the US, to be followed by a UK and Continental Europe launch presumably early next year. Read more »

Preview: Why the Net Matters iPad app By David Eagleman

My first thought is whether to call Canongate's app a book app as this is not a digital version of a printed book, this app was conceived with the author David Eagleman for the iPad exclusively. One of the first of a new type of collaboration between author, publisher and developer to deliver digital-only products. Read more »

Bringing digital into focus

Publishing must be one of the most audience-sensitive businesses going. Everywhere you look products are categorised by what they are and who they are for: Fiction, Non-fiction; Pre-school, Young Reader, Teen, Young Adult, Adult; Crime, True Crime, Historical Crime, Thriller, and so on.

Publishers spend lots of time and money understanding whether a title will sell to its target audience. They also place value in people that can predict popularity and ‘the next big thing’. Read more »

Profile: Peter McGarrick of Quicklook Books

Peter McGarrick is a retired lawyer turned publishing entrepreneur, who has launched a new electronic publishing company called Quicklook Books. He speaks here about his experiences so far: A while ago it struck me that many publishers were viewing the ebook simply as a new way to offer traditional books – essentially scanning them into digital format. Read more »

Welcome to Cyber Monday - The Most Exciting eCommerce Day In Publishing History

If last week was anything to go by then during the time it takes you to read this article, UK consumers will have spent over a £1m online. It's "Cyber Monday / Mega Monday" or what the retail industry predicts is the going to be the biggest online sales day in UK history. Publishers should all be very excited by the UK consumer’s appetite for online shopping as books were one of the first to go online and they continue to feature in the top 3 most purchased products. Read more »

Publishing is fun again!

FutureBook was the best publishing event I’ve been to in a long time: exciting, informative, full of lively and creative people. Now, finally, it is clear that digital HAS happened and is not some distant prospect which have to think about in the future.  Read more »

#FB10 - What I Took Home

Yowzer. That was a big, exciting room full of smart people.

You've probably already seen some of the coverage - the hashtag and the write-ups - so I won't belabour those. I'll just tell you what I took home from it (apart from the ever-delightful knowledge that the industry I work in now is just a much better place to be than the one I worked in ten years ago. Oh, my, yes.) Read more »

Announcing FutureBook Digital Innovation Awards

I'm very excited to announce the first ever awards for ‘digital innovation’ across publishing. These awards will celebrate how the trade is embracing the future. The awards will run biannually and all category winners will go through to compete for the Digital Innovation award at The Bookseller’s Industry Awards in May. Read more »

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