Wylie skewered?

French publishers have made a stand over digital rights, and I wonder where this leaves the agent Andrew Wylie. Read more »


ePirates of the Caribbean

Unless you are Apple or Amazon and want a captive market, DRM (Digital Rights Management) is useless. In fact they are chasing a lost cause because:

DRM is easily removed and therefore pointless, costly and a barrier to sale.
DRM does not stop piracy, it is restrictive and therefore it promotes piracy. Read more »

Tools of Change 2010: where the buzz is

I have been at Tools of Change Frankfurt since 8.30 this morning, and these are my initial thoughts towards the end of the day. Read more »


'A Bright Future for Publishing': George Lossius speaks to The Bookseller

The Bookseller's Tom Tivnan speaks to George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology.

"Digital is not the demise of publishing," George Lossius says. "There is a really bright future for the publishing industry if they embrace it and have the right infrastructure in place." Read more »

Testing for the future

Last week design and innovation consultancy IDEO released their thoughts on the Future of the Book  in a neatly executed video. The industry response was mixed – ranging from ‘seen it all before' to ‘wow, how clever'. Read more »

View From The Crow's Nest

Andrew Robinson is leader of the Pirate Party UK, and therefore a notional arch-nemesis of the UK electronic publishing industry. I wanted to know more about his ideas and the drives behind them, so I read the manifesto and wrote to him, and he kindly consented to do an email interview. Read more »

We'll all lose money. And then we'll learn

Last week, Kindle content head David Naggar appeared on a panel alongside Macmillan chief executive John Sargent, Google's Roland Lange, and long-time Writers House agent Simon Lipskar, to discuss – what else? – "the future of the book."

The event was organized by William Morris-Endeavor agent Eric Simonoff for the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

"What happens when the physical bookstore experience disappears?" Simonoff enquired. Read more »

The E Book Market is Getting Pretty Crowded


Another heavy hitter joins the e book party; today Sharpe The Japan's largest maker of liquid-crystal displays announced its intention to launch an e book site in December.  Read more »

Twitpocalypse avoided

Let's be in no doubt that the funniest moment this week in publishing was watching Bloomsbury's sales and marketing video—"Don't Stop Believin'"—and then watching my colleagues watching it. But I'm amazed by the hyperventilating it caused among some folk on Twitter, who gathered around the hastag bloomsburyglee to laugh and frown in 140 characters. Read more »

Case Study: Lonely Planet's augmented reality guides

Kelly Brough, Global Director of Digital at Lonely Planet talks us through their augmented reality Compass Guides: Lonely Planet has a long history of helping travellers through new technology. Right from the start of the web, our Thorn Tree community offered travellers a place to meet and swap information, and you’ll still find more detailed advice on pretty much anywhere in the world quicker here than anywhere else. Read more »

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