Amazon goes public against agency pricing has finally broken its silence on the transition to the agency model in the UK adopting a similar strategy to that seen in the US earlier this year. Quietly agree to the new terms while publicly spinning against them. Read more »


The Magic Concept of Layers

Neal Hoskins of Winged Chariot recently spoke at The Bookseller's Children's conference.  He talks us through his new app and how the use of a device's features can enhance the story: In the fast pace of the digital world, I often feel we are starting to overlook the central most important part of our work - The Story.

Apps, ebooks, code and web features are only as good as the stories that they hold inside them. Read more »

E-readers reviewed: Kindle 3

Anthony Gladman, Editor at Taylor & Francis Books gives us his review of Kindle 3: With the launch of the Kindle 3 and the UK’s own version of Amazon’s Kindle store, it seems we’ve reached a tipping point for ebooks. Of course ebooks have been around for ages, especially in academic publishing, but it’s only now that they look set to expand into the general reading market. Given that, it seemed untenable to work in publishing and not to have experienced this important development first hand, so just a couple of weeks ago I finally caved in and ordered one. Read more »

Amazon wants us to dance to a new tune again

Just before the Frankfurt Book Fair I heard a lot about how books weren't like music, and that the growth in digital sales would not hit printed book sales in the same way as the rise of digital music hit CD sales. Part of the reason was that music could be unbundled (people want singles, not albums), whereas books simply have to be downloaded in their entirety to be appreciated. Read more »


The view from Frankfurt: who controls the ebook business?

One of the most in-demand events at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair was Friday’s round-table discussion: The eBook Business: Who’s in Control? Entry was so carefully restricted that even panel member Victoria Barnsley, Chief Executive of HarperCollins, struggled at first to make her way past security and into the venue. Read more »

The enhanced e-book in the room

One of the best things about the Frankfurt Book Fair was that we finally got round to discussing whether enhanced e-books were really all that. I thought SourceBooks' Dominique Raccah had it right in her Tools of Change talk in a speech I wrote up earlier this week for
Raccah calls time on book publishers. Read more »


Is this the future of book browsing?

Google Goggles have landed on the iPhone...


Wylie skewered?

French publishers have made a stand over digital rights, and I wonder where this leaves the agent Andrew Wylie. Read more »


ePirates of the Caribbean

Unless you are Apple or Amazon and want a captive market, DRM (Digital Rights Management) is useless. In fact they are chasing a lost cause because:

DRM is easily removed and therefore pointless, costly and a barrier to sale.
DRM does not stop piracy, it is restrictive and therefore it promotes piracy. Read more »

Tools of Change 2010: where the buzz is

I have been at Tools of Change Frankfurt since 8.30 this morning, and these are my initial thoughts towards the end of the day. Read more »

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