Ain't no sunshine

MediaBistroCrunchGear and Mike Cane all drew attention to Amazon's new ad for the Kindle which takes a very direct swipe at the iPad. In particular, the fact that it is difficult to read in direct sunlight. Read more »

Twitter and the Book Trade: The good, the bad and the ugly

Watching some publishing types trying to use Twitter can be like witnessing a French kiss at a family reunion: embarrassing, painful and very wrong.

It’s not their fault.   Read more »

Sony reveals next-gen Readers

I popped over to the London Transport Museum today so that Sony could show of the latest models of its two eReaders, both of which come complete with a Google books link but no wireless technology. The snazzy new Reader Pocket edition and the Reader Touch edition will be available in stores from the 17th September. Read more »


Futurebook digital drinks night: All welcome

After the huge success of July's Futurebook drinks night, we've booked a bigger bar for our next one which will be on 16th September. It will be held upstairs in the Yorkshire Grey bar in Theobalds Road in London, starting at 6.30. Read more »

E-Readers reviewed: Kindle 3. Must try harder.

Dean Johnson, Creative Director, Brandwidth gives us his review of the Kindle 3: I’m angry. Angry for two reasons: The first because I never like to start a blog post with the words “I’m angry”, the second because Amazon has failed me. I’ll get to that in a minute.

You’re an intelligent audience so I take it you all know what a Kindle is: It’s an eBook reader with a very specific role – provide the best black and white print simulation in the lightest, most conveniently-sized mobile digital device. Read more »

Review: Marvel app

I'm developing a section on of book app reviews and previews. Critiques of book apps; their usability, functionality and whether the app has enhanced the original book/narrative. I'm hoping these reviews will come from bloggers, reviewers and book trade folk. If you'd like to be involved, email me at Kicking this off is Jennifer Lucy Allan's review of the Marvel app.  Read more »

PA's Emma House reports from Shanghai on digital publishing in China

The digital publishing industry in China is, like the rest of the world still in its infancy.Whilst the Chinese government official statistics claim that for the first time, more digitally published products were sold than physical (by value), it's very difficult to see how these statistics have been reached, especially when Xinhua, the sta Read more »

While You Were Sleeping...

So, while you lot were drinking Mojitos and fine wines and some of us were toiling over our third novels and editing our second ones and preparing to become a dad for the first time, August was quite a startler. Read more »

Amplified authors in the UnLibrary

It's weird that writers, most have whom have never made anything like a living out of their work when it was printed on paper, are now being drawn into fretting  about how publishers are going to earn a crust in the digital future. Read more »

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