eBook pricing: learning from other people's mistakes.

I spend far too much of my time thinking about the music business. It's partly the emotional attachment formed by spending my formative years listening to jangly guitar bands on scratched black slabs of vinyl. It's partly professional too, though: I work in a similar industry, and if it's wise to learn from your mistakes, it's even wiser and less painful to learn from the mistakes of others. Read more »

Easing into ebooks

Print is dead, or so the headlines tell us. The ebook market is growing rapidly and gets lots of good headlines. We’d all like a share of that, but how do you get in? Read more »

Digital books: Is this town big enough for everyone?

Neil Ayres talks us through his experience of trying to get published and why he's developed an iPhone app for his novel New Goodbye. Neil Ayres:  Read more »

Too cool for now

I can report today that Interead the company behind the Cool-er e-reader has been put into liquidation. A petition was made to Liverpool District Court by PR Beam Agency in late March, with the motion granted by a judge on 8th June.

Interead launched a range of Coo-ler Readers in 2009 noted more for their colourful packaging than technical prowess. It also launched an e-book store, which it claimed was the "largest ebookstore in the world"—largely because it offered 1m public domain titles provided by Google. Read more »


facebook for brainiacs

Considering the growing popularity of book-club style eBook store CafeScribe with US universities, and its latest announcement of a self-publishing platform for tutors is it time for UK universities to move away from the physical book, towards the ‘eTextbook’?
  Read more »


Fun with metadata

I attended the Partnering for Innovation event in London yesterday, organised by the Technology Strategy Board (http://www.innovateuk.org/) which is a QANGO sponsored by the Department for Business, full event details can be found at: http://creativeindustriesktn.org/beacons/. This is one of a series of events around funding for innovative metadata projects Read more »

Touchy Feely

Haptics ‘feely’ technology is on the rise and is looking promising for the publishing industry. Read more »


Case Study: Publisher Caffeine Nights on using social media

Darren Laws, CEO of Caffeine Nights talks us through their use of social media and the challenges they face promoting their debut author Greg Dawe: Read more »

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