Ready, steady, agency

And so finally, almost six weeks after Hachette embarked on its "short" transition to agency terms, Amazon has acquiesced.

A short note next to Kindle Editions published by Hachette, Penguin and HarperCollins now reads: "This price was set by the publisher." Read more »

If your library was on fire, what would you save?

Bethan Ruddock, Content Development Officer, Library and Archival Services at Mimas, The University of Manchester has very kindly agreed to have her blog on the future of libraries posted on (originally posted on Internet Librarian International). In Bethan's words: Read more »

Review: Historian Andrew Roberts reviews WWII History in an Hour

Acclaimed historian Andrew Roberts reviews WWII History in an hour: The practice of History is ever-evolving, and with the History In An Hour idea, Rupert Colley brings it back up to date for the digital age. In a series of ebooks and apps, Colley takes a big subject - such as the Second World War or the Cold War - and condenses it down to one single hour's worth of reading. Read more »

Waterstone's needs to find its Nook

With news finally breaking about Barnes & Noble's new colour Nook, can FutureBook be the first to state publicly what many seem to be saying privately: Waterstone's needs a Nook. Read more »


Futurebook 2010 Conference. 30th November, Congress Centre, London

If you are looking for information on the 2011 FutureBook conference, please click here.


Nine months ago I was given the enviable job of putting the programme together for The Bookseller’s digital conference Futurebook 2010. If timing is everything, then there really couldn’t be a better time to be doing this. Read more »

Book blogger and reviewer listing.

The book industry is becoming increasingly aware that engaging with a passionate group of book-loving bloggers and reviewers is an integral part of a successful digital marketing campaign. As Maura Brickell of Headline rather brilliantly described here: Read more »

Kindle adds book lending. Sort of.

Amazon have announced that they will be letting Kindle users loan ebooks to other Kindle users. Although this has been trumpeted in some corners as a major innovation, Barnes & Noble have of course been offering this for some time on their Nook ereader. Read more »

As the US ebook market develops, UK publishers may find some sales growth

Seasoned digital observers will no doubt recognise the title of this blog as relating to a piece written by digital sooth-sayer Mike Shatzkin, exhorting US publishers to look to Europe as a potential new market for US digital editions. Mike wrote that "the cumulative opportunity for US publishers to develop incremental revenues from what have been very quiet parts of their list will surely grow". Indeed. Europe is is pretty big place, and some people there even speak English. Read more »

Publishing savagery

Next month we (by which I mean The Friday Project, the imprint I run at HarperCollins) publish In Praise of Savagery by Warwick Cairns as an ebook. Bully for you I hear you cry. All very modern but nothing too unusual there, I grant you. Read more »

End of the gold rush

Neil Ayres is Web Director for Creative Review magazine and the author and producer of The New Goodbye, he gives his view on some changes he anticipates: While the fortunes of many people and publishers have been on the wane over the last couple of years, one group has been doing pretty well out of the uncertainty of the digital publishing market and the rise an Read more »

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