Why the agency model is flawed

When the 'agency model' agreement landed on my desk last week, I was reminded of the conversations I had with music publishers 5 years ago. Read more »

The era of cheap e-books is coming to an end

So I had some interesting conversations last night at the incredibly busy FutureBook drinks. But the most interesting was the broad hint that a major UK publisher would be moving its e-book customers over to the agency model shortly. Read more »


Review: Philip Pullman's The Good Man Jesus app

Rob Chilver, bookseller and writer and reviewer for the Waterstone’s Books Quarterly reviews Philip Pullman's enhanced edition app for Futurebook: You can buy it via the Kindle and in the iBookstore for under eight pounds so why spend £9.99 for the Enhanced Edition? Read more »

Review: myFry app

Gavin from NextRead.co.uk reviews Stephen Fry's new iPhone app, myFry: Stephen Fry's obsession with all things gadgety is well known, as is his special fondness of Apple. So it's no real surprise that to coincide with the release of The Fry Chronicles, the second volume of his autobiography, Penguin has not only released an iPhone app to accompany the expected hardback, they've released Apple iBook and Amazon Kindle ebook editions too. Though only the iBook edition is enhanced with video. Read more »

The End of the Beginning, Middle and End?

The publication of a new book by Stephen Fry was always going to be interesting in digital terms. And the myFry app for his memoir The Fry Chronicles carries the weight of expectation. Read more »

Ain't no sunshine

MediaBistroCrunchGear and Mike Cane all drew attention to Amazon's new ad for the Kindle which takes a very direct swipe at the iPad. In particular, the fact that it is difficult to read in direct sunlight. Read more »

Twitter and the Book Trade: The good, the bad and the ugly

Watching some publishing types trying to use Twitter can be like witnessing a French kiss at a family reunion: embarrassing, painful and very wrong.

It’s not their fault.   Read more »

Sony reveals next-gen Readers

I popped over to the London Transport Museum today so that Sony could show of the latest models of its two eReaders, both of which come complete with a Google books link but no wireless technology. The snazzy new Reader Pocket edition and the Reader Touch edition will be available in stores from the 17th September. Read more »


Futurebook digital drinks night: All welcome

After the huge success of July's Futurebook drinks night, we've booked a bigger bar for our next one which will be on 16th September. It will be held upstairs in the Yorkshire Grey bar in Theobalds Road in London, starting at 6.30. Read more »

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