Where to put the entrepreneur in publishing? | @Tom_Chalmers

It’s a word I had never heard of before starting out in business – four syllables that I have apparently become rather than something I aimed for. However, these four syllables are now everywhere – in the press, on TV (see Dragon’s Den, The Apprentice etc. etc.), in books (see autobiographies from those on aforementioned TV shows etc. etc.), and Twitter appears awash with entrepreneurial advice. Read more »

The limits of crowd-funding (An experiment part 1)

One of our authors has, over two Kickstarter campaigns, raised well over £100,000 and has established, from nothing, a business with a turnover in excess of $1million. Not an unusual story, but still an aspirational one, right?

He was an established photography how-to author in our list, and the devices he has so successfully brought to market via crowd-funding were aimed at photographers. Nevertheless word of his 'Kickstarter guru' status was spreading; he's even lecturing on it at various London universities. Read more »

On brand

The Bookseller's continuing 'Review of the Year' coverage focused this week on authors, and specifically on the big brand authors. Read more »

This used to be a book

The polar vortex had passed, Day after Tomorrow-esque images were replaced with footage of mass melting across the states and unlike the film- at least I think- no books were burnt at Digital Book World in New York this week. Read more »

Big idea: build a new ecosystem

The publishing industry is pretty good at talking to itself, as it did at the FutureBook conference in November and at the Digital Book World going on right now; but sometimes forgets to look beyond its borders.  When it does, as in the transition from physical to digital (‘atoms to bits' as coined by Nicholas Negroponte), the observations have tended to focus other atoms-to-bits parts of the entertainment industry: music and movies.  Read more »

Rizzoli and Amazon launch BigJump, a Literary Award for unpublished Novels in Italy

Rizzoli, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the Italian startup 20lines launched BigJump, the first literary contest devoted to thrillers, romance and historical novels where readers will contribute to award a prize to the  participating novels. Authors can take part in the contest for free with an unpublished or self-published novel. Registration begins ends on February 14, 2014. To learn more about the rules (in Italian language), visit www.BigJump.it. Read more »

Future unwritten

The future of publishing does not get any easier to predict, but that does not stop us trying. Current themes for 2014 include the arrival of subscriptions; a shift to tablets; and further experimentation, both in form and types of content. Read more »


There’s an old – and rather feeble – psychotherapy gag that insane and denial are both rivers. Read more »

Match-making in a freelance world

In the crystal ball gazing that inevitably takes up many end of the year publishing round ups, I have yet to see any that have referenced the impact of the proposed merger between oDesk and ElanceRead more »

Taking Bets for 2014...

Six Book and Publishing Betting odds for 2014

I would take bets, but I’m not licensed, so it is just for fun

Kindle dominance – the end of the beginning? 

10 to 1 because this requires a lot of different people working for the same thing at the same time. Read more »

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