Two and a half thoughts on Amazon's Matchbook

Amazon's announcement on Tuesday of its new Matchbook offer, allowing customers to buy discounted digital versions of print books they’d previously bought from the retailer, is far from the first attempt to bring bundling to publishing. Read more »

REACTive Publishing: innovation at the Hub

As our industry becomes increasingly hybrid – ever more digital, yet still significantly paper-based – the necessity to innovate is a growing problem for publishers. With revenues squeezed by falling prices and decreasing margins, innovation becomes more vital than ever: if we are to survive, publishers need to find new methods of working, new types of product, and new ways of reaching our audiences. Read more »

What publishing can learn from the fate of the Austro-Hungarian Empire

It was at Frankfurt last year, on a Tools of Change panel with Brian O’Leary and Sheila Bounford, that I first started wittering on about the Austro-Hungarian Empire and how publishing should learn from its demise. Read more »

"I do apps now; apps are cool."

App review: The Doctor Who Encyclopedia (BBC Books and Brandwidth; iPad only)

The wheezing, groaning TARDIS take-off sound that greets the user on launching this app bodes well for its contents, and the Doctor Who Encyclopedia doesn’t disappoint. Read more »

Amazon vs. Apple: Round 3: The Cloud Reader launches

With the release of their Cloud Reader browser app for Kindle, Amazon has become the first of the major booksellers to respond to Apple's recent enforcement of its rules on in-app purchase with an attractive browser-based alternative. Read more »

Turning the tanker around: navigating publishing's future

Is publishing a vast, slow-moving tanker that will take some time to turn around? Or rather a fishing boat seeking out “blue oceans” where the fish have not yet all been caught? Read more »

Top of the Pops? Amber Books' Top 100 Albums app

Amber Books' latest app, following swiftly on the heels of its well-received D-Day: 1944, is an interesting example of the growing genre of "coffee-table apps". Like their print equivalents, coffee-table apps tend to be light and entertaining, designed to be dipped into as and when the user fancies; unlike print, however, they can bring in multimedia to add to the experience. Read more »


A Bibliography of Sponges; or, can publishers mop up the backlist market?

With Google’s interest in ebooks apparently on the wane, might successful e-publishers step into the breach? Read more »

Publishing within a particle accelerator: the ePublishing Innovation Forum 2011

Last week's ePublishing Innovation Forum may have been aimed at the “information industry”, but the issues addressed often applied across the entire publishing sector. Read more »

A Visit from the Goon Squad

In its print form, Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad last month deservedly won the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. It has also now been published as an app by Constable & Robinson. Read more »

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