The Future of the Book Business: A Classicist’s View

There are lots of articles coming out at the moment which discuss ‘the future of publishing’, but none from a Classicist. Surprising, I know. I’m not even a very good one, but my enjoyment of the rise and fall of great institutions is indisputable and I think I can bring something useful to the debate. Read more »

What makes a good-looking eBook: Tips on eBook design for standard titles

While I was pleased to read about FutureBook’s first Digital Innovation Awards last year, I was disappointed not to see a category for ‘Best eBook’ along Read more »

Nine truths about e-book publishing

I fell into digital publishing after doing freelance work for various online business start-ups based in East London. At the time, I was looking for a full-time job and not thinking so much about career progression, but it occurs to me now that my background with the online businesses left me peculiarly suited for working with e-books. Read more »

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