Shelf Free: Call for new members

Shelf Free is an independent group of people, including representatives from 17 public library authorities, who believe ebooks are a crucial part of the service for users of public libraries.

We aim to highlight the issues, invigorate the debate and explore ways in which the market might be developed to give a better experience to public library users. In 2014 we are planning a national e-lending day in conjunction with a pan-European campaign. Read more »

E-reader workshops in public libraries

How do you make a decision about which e-reader to buy?  What do you do if your daughter’s given you an e-reader for Christmas, and you keep it tucked in a drawer, reluctant to admit that the thing terrifies you? Where can you get a recommendation for a book app for the lovely new smartphone you just got? Read more »

Libraries and e-lending—it feels like we’re making progress

Last month, the government published its recommendations about e-lending—tthe Sieghart Review—and most of us in the public library world let out a cautious sigh of relief. Read more »

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