3 Critical Marketing Principles For Authors From The Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference

As one of the few authors who attended the Bookseller Marketing and Publicity conference this week, I was impressed with the incredible marketing campaigns that publishers have put together for their top authors and the books they decide to focus on. There are definitely some talented and enthusiastic marketing professionals out there and of course, all authors would love that kind of marketing attention. Read more »

Why it’s time for more transparency in publishing

Publishing has long been a bastion of prestige and influence, smoke and mirrors protecting what was sacred to those inside. Then along came Amazon, ebooks, digital and the rise of self-publishing. Now the old approach is hurting publishing, because this new world moves so fast that only the agile can hope to keep up. So what’s the answer? 

(1) Transparency in experimentation, failure and success Read more »

Social isn’t a magic bullet, but it can sell books

There have always been various methods used to advertise and sell books. Social is just one of the latest incarnations. It is still about hand-selling to individuals, but this time on a global scale. Read more »

FutureBook Conference Report: Takeaways for writers

As an author attending the FutureBook Conference, I was happily surprised by the positivity and enthusiasm displayed by most of the delegates about the future of publishing. Doom and gloom was hardly tolerated in a mostly forward thinking, bibliophile crowd (albeit self-selected). The conference wasn't aimed at authors, indeed there were few of us present, but there were still takeaways for writers in the industry milieu.

(1) The future will be mass market digital plus high quality, beautiful print limited editions Read more »

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