Mapping the Booker Prize

At the 2012 FutureBook conference, I gave a talk about how we were using data on the Guardian Shorts series of ebooks to help inform our publishing decisions. I closed it out by suggesting that a novel could be broken down into a series of data points. Judging by the feedback I got afterwards, some didn't like the idea of writing and data getting too cosy. Read more »

Opening a closed book

Closed book / open book.

Everyone knows what those idioms mean – information that’s hard (or even impossible) to get at; information that’s easy to get at.

Book publishers are in the business of getting information to readers. It’s what we do. Consequently it’s a problem that a book sitting on a shelf in a bookshop (or an ebook occupying some screen real estate) is by default – literally and metaphorically – a closed book. Read more »

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