Games publishers moving in?

Today, Capcom announced the publication of a project we've been working on, called Remember Me: The Pandora Archive, written by Scott Harrison, in e-book form.

Creating prequels for games, movies etc has almost become de rigeur, but what I find fascinating about this particular publication is that not only have they gone straight to digital, but they've also eschewed traditional publishing in order to publish themselves. Read more »

Why "The Walking Dead" is a clear winner in the "interactive fiction" race

We've "lost".

In the race to find the “interactive storytelling” Holy Grail, we’ve been well and truly beaten.

We have been beaten by a digital games publisher who based their model on licensed IP, and a comic book company. Read more »

Why We Should Care - GAME goes into administration

So, GAME has finally, officially, gone into administration.

First up, best of luck to the near 6000 people employed by the group, and let's hope that there is at least some form of positive outlook.

So why should the book trade care other than a sympathy vote?

Quite apart from the fact that many stores will close and give us one less reason to visit the High St, let's start by looking at the parallels, especially here in the UK (and I'm massively generalizing here, but I could spend all day writing this post...): Read more »

Madness at the Games Show - Method in the Business?

So, the dust has settled following E3 and I can finally post a few thoughts up here.

For the uninitiated, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest trade-only videogames show in the world, held annually in LA. Read more »

The Big Bets - Which Tech is the Games Industry Backing?

I'll open this with a bit of a disclaimer - some meetings were had at Gamescom with my Walker hat on, the details of which I cannot share.

Right, that out of the way. Last week I had the great pleasure of attending GamesCom, the biggest European trade and consumer show concerning video games. Early estimates put consumer numbers at around 245,000 people - no small beer as a direct to consumer information portal. Read more »

Of gamers and readers?

I have a view that, as publishers, we need to take our product to our consumers, rather than make consumers come to us. If millions of people have chosen the NDSi as their digital medium, then we need to be taking relevant content to them on that platform. Read more »

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