Startup profile - Afictionado

What is your company name? Afictionado

Where are you based? London Read more »

Startup profile - The Book Club

What is your company name? The Book Club 

Where are you based? UK Read more »

Q & A with Eevamaria Halttunen, founder of Petra's Planet

Tell us about the background to Petra’s Planet

Petra’s Planet is based on the book series about a seven-year-old Petra who finds a way to travel around the globe through a mirror at a local theatre where her mother works. She makes many new friends and finds herself in unfamiliar situations. Read more »

Digital strategies: horses for courses

Having spent some time this weekend going through the entries for The Bookseller’s Digital Strategy Award, I thought it might be useful to distill some of the main themes that emerged.  Read more »

Publishing to a Global Market

Sophie O'Rourke of studio eMC Design has kindly written a guest blog for us: In a recent FutureBook blog post, which highlighted the ever changing and further reaching audience of the blog, we offered to write an article from our perspective of Publishing for a Global Market. Read more »

Startup profile - Widescript

What is your company name? Widescript

Where are you based? Amsterdam, The Netherlands Read more »

Author Simon Spurrier on his video trailer.....

AUTOBIOSHAME: Bitterness, bile and black-hearted disillusionment make for a curious campaign brand. I know that. Read more »


The Book App is dead. Again.

News reaches our shores that "The love affair with apps is officially over". This is the conclusion drawn by Forrester and Digital Book World and presented at their New York conference by James McQuivey. Read more »

FutureBook blog - some analytics

I hope that you will indulge me this post. I spent some of my evening going through the analytics for this blog and thought I might share some of the results.

In the last month traffic to the site has come from:

UK - 32.4%

US & Canada - 25.8%

Rest of Europe - 19%

Brazil - 6.3%

Australia - 3%

Rest of World - 13.5% Read more »

Startup profile - Demibooks

What is your company name? Demibooks

Where are you based? Headquartered in Chicago with Development center in Sydney, Australia Read more »

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