Review: Bold: How to be brave in business and win iPad app

Kate Russell, tech reporter for BBC's Click has reviewed the Bold iPad app for FutureBook: research suggests that there will be 6 billion eReaders in circulation by 2014 – so love them or hate them they are here to stay. But even though I am a technology journalist & self-confessed gadget-addict, I have to say I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to books. I just love the physical history of them; the smell and the feel of it when you pick one up. Read more »

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 19th April 2011

Philip Stone, charts expert: For the second week in a row, Wilbur Smith's Those in Peril tops The Bookseller's eBestseller list at the same time the hardback edition tops The Bookseller's Hardback Non-fiction bestseller list. The print edition of the book sold 27,000 copies in its opening week in bookshops - breaking Smith's previous first-week personal best by some 1,500 copies, and despite the fact that, clearly, a lot of Smith fans having been reading the digital edition. Read more »

Wanderlust: Stories for Smartphones

Adrian Hon, co-founder of Six to Start, explains his latest project Wanderlust for FutureBook: Digital storytelling these days has fallen into a bit of a rut, at least when it comes to traditional publishers and authors. What passes for innovation tends to be high production value adaptations of printed books, or on the rare occasion, interactive coffee table or children's books. Read more »

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 4th April 2011

Philip Stone, charts expert: Saffina Desforges' self-published Sugar & Spice returns to the eBestseller list Top 10 after a week's hiatus thanks to solid Kindle download numbers, while Jo Nesbo's third Harry Hole thriller (but the second to be published in the UK), The Redbreast, re-joins the list in fifth place. There's a bona fide new entry in 10th, however: Wilbur Smith's Those in Peril - the Northern Rhodesia-born novelist's first standalone novel since 1991's Elephant Song. Read more »

Twitter and publishing: a marriage made in heaven.

New research conducted by the Social Media Usability Group shows that 83% of publishing professionals, given a straight choice between Twitter and their partners, would choose Twitter. One enthusiastic editor confirmed the sentiment 'Twitter is like the good old days of publishing; great fun and no one really knows what's going on' and goes on to say 'my wife tweeted to me that she'd like to talk IRL, TBH I thought's caused quite a #rift'.  Read more »

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 28th March 2011

Philip Stone, charts expert: Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Played with Fire returns to the eBestseller Top 10 after a week's hiatus while the 2007-published Truth Dare Kill becomes Gordon Ferris' second book to chart this year. His The Hanging Shed, still available for just £1 on Amazon four weeks after the £15.99 HB edition hit the shelves, continues to be among the most downloaded books on Thus far in 2011, just 19 different titles have cracked the ebestseller list Top 10, just half the number of the printed book equivalent which has welcomed 39 different books. Read more »

Collaborate and innovate

This video gives a great round-up of our November FutureBook conference. The conference showed how well collaborations can work between developers, authors and publishers.

Today, we have launched our Innovation Workshop in collaboration with The Literary Platform, which looks at this from a different angle. The workshop will explore innovation across the book trade and showcase developers. This workshop is aimed at those who understand what we try today may very quickly be adopted. Read more »

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 21st March 2011

Philip Stone, charts editor: Margate-born Nick Alexander's The Case of the Missing Boyfriend debuts as the highest new entry in this week's e-book chart thanks to solid download numbers at The £1.49 ebook (85% off its recommended £8.99 r.r.p.) is "by far the most important" of his career, according to Alexander, as "unless it is a success, it's not entirely clear that I will be able to afford to even carry on writing". Read more »

Using Twitter to get a book deal

Lee Harris, editor at Angry Robot Books explains how this can happen: Yesterday we announced that we’ve just signed an author that we discovered on Twitter. Great headline, but how much truth was behind it? Well, perhaps surprisingly… all of it. Read more »

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 14th March 2011

Charts expert Philip Stone: The first book in Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, returns to the summit of The Bookseller's eBestseller chart after a week's hiatus, while "the next Stieg Larsson" Jo Nesbø's The Redbreast joins the Top 10 as the only new entry. According to, the latter is "Book 1" in the Norwegian's Detective Harry Hole thriller series, but in actual fact it is the third book in the series. The first two titles, The Bat Man and The Cockroaches, are yet to be released in the UK. Read more »

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