Setting Up Communities: Author, Reader and Publisher

The first thing Hugh Howey would do, he said last month, if someone put him in charge of a publishing company would be to create a community for his authors. He says:  Read more »

Sweden leads the way on ebook lending

Whilst the UK and the US publishing industries gird their loins to do battle with libraries over ebook lending, the Swedes are just quietly and efficiently getting on with it. Read more »

Will you be in the nine percent of publishers that survive?

“Across industries, only 9% of disrupted organisations ever recover,” found Clark Gilbert and Clayton M Christensen in recent research into innovation in digitally disrupted markets. Read more »

Amazon is not a miracle cure for obscurity

Fellow self-publisher and Futurebook blogger Walter Ellis writes about the problems that authors face promoting their books to the reading public. He's right that it's hard to catch readers' attention but wrong to turn his back on social media.  Read more »

FIW13: Nick Perrett on the future of e-reading


Publishers should embrace entrepreneurial authors

‘Authors should become more involved in the industry and take greater responsibility as part of a wider ecosystem,’ Ann Patchett told The Bookseller recently. ‘“If you had asked me two years ago, I would not have thought it was my responsibility. But I do think authors need to get involved with all sort of aspects of publishing and health of the publishing industry,” she said.’ Read more »

Booksellers should embrace showrooming

Showrooming has become the bane of every bookseller’s life, to the point where HarperCollins c.e.o. Victoria Barnsley recently suggested that bookshops could charge for entry to put showroomers off. Read more »

What do readers really want from e-book frontmatter and endmatter?

A while ago I stumbled on this post from Eric Hellman exploring the question of what sort of front- and endmatter makes sense for e-books, given that many of the pages that we see in the front of paper books have a purpose related to the printing process. Hellman gives the example of the bastard or half-title page:  Read more »

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