FutureBook conference and awards: the basics

The FutureBook conference and awards is happening today.

Here are a few basics:

Hashtag: #fbook12

Venue: QEII Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE Read more »

Why it’s time for more transparency in publishing

Publishing has long been a bastion of prestige and influence, smoke and mirrors protecting what was sacred to those inside. Then along came Amazon, ebooks, digital and the rise of self-publishing. Now the old approach is hurting publishing, because this new world moves so fast that only the agile can hope to keep up. So what’s the answer? 

(1) Transparency in experimentation, failure and success Read more »

Interview: Charlie Redmayne, ceo of Pottermore

Ahead of this year’s FutureBook Conference, The Bookseller's Felicity Wood talks to keynote speaker Charlie Redmayne, c.e.o. of Pottermore, about building brands and harnessing fans.   Read more »

FutureBook conference - programme live

This is my final push to encourage you to book onto the conference. The process of putting this conference together has been challenging to say the least. It’s almost become a cliché to say that the publishing industry is at a pivotal moment, but change and disruption seem to be the only constants this year. Read more »

Connecting the dots - MBA Alumni for the nascent e-book industry Europe?

The digital trade book business in Europe is booming and unlike US doesn’t show any sign of growth deceleration. In Europe, with perhaps the exception of UK, the weight of digital is still so small that the conventional market friction forces aren’t strong enough to absorb the important momentum tied to the digital book rise. Read more »

The internet is astroturfed

Absolutely hilarious to see Amazon tying itself into knots over the sock puppetry issue. I blogged recently about Amazon’s silence on the subject and this would seem to be a classic example of how a secretive, arrogant, unaccountable and monolithic organisation mishandles its PR. Read more »

Memo to publishers: need bigger dinosaurs.

It’s kind of appropriate in the week that Amazon drowned Comet that Random House and Penguin should announce their merger.

So far opinion has been divided – we all want strong publishers able to stand up to the internet leviathans, but when both Rupert Murdoch AND the Guardian are muttering darkly on the sidelines then it’s hard to feel too much like this is the dawn of new golden age. Read more »

Advantage Amazon As Apple Fans Get Angry

In a week where Apple fans have got angry on the blogs, Amazon appeared to have scored lots of points in the small tablet war. However, dig a little deeper and it was not necessarily the high price tag on the iPad mini that seemed to irk the loyal Apple fans, but the news that their shiny new iPad 3 will be obsolete within a few months with the launch of the iPad 4.

It will be interesting to see how far the innovative manufacturer can stretch the patience of their fans. Have they gone one step too far this time? Read more »

FutureBook Innovation Awards shortlist announcement

I am delighted to announce the FutureBook Innovation awards shortlist. I'm also very pleased to announce our awards sponsors are Kobo.

We received 221 entries from 19 different countries. As well as the UK and US, entries have come from far and wide, including: Israel, Norway, Australia, Croatia, India, South Africa, Singapore, Germany and more. Read more »

Iceberg Ecosystems: Random Penguin in context

In case you woke up and went to work in a sort of benign Monday haze: Penguin and Random House have confirmed a deal. Read more »