We need to talk about start-ups

Last week the reading platform Readmill announced that it was slipping into oblivion after failing to make a business case to funders for its continuation. Like too many publishing start-ups, Readmill floundered not because it wasn’t a good idea, well executed, but simply because it ran out of time. Read more »

What do we do if Amazon stops growing?

We have for so long thought of Amazon as a dominant player in the books market, that we might have forgotten to think about what will happen when the giant retailer stops growing. Read more »



There’s an old – and rather feeble – psychotherapy gag that insane and denial are both rivers. Read more »

Match-making in a freelance world

In the crystal ball gazing that inevitably takes up many end of the year publishing round ups, I have yet to see any that have referenced the impact of the proposed merger between oDesk and ElanceRead more »

Taking Bets for 2014...

Six Book and Publishing Betting odds for 2014

I would take bets, but I’m not licensed, so it is just for fun

Kindle dominance – the end of the beginning? 

10 to 1 because this requires a lot of different people working for the same thing at the same time. Read more »

FutureBook 2013: Brad Stone Q&A

Brad Stone is senior journalist for Bloomberg BusinessWeek and speaker at FutureBook 2013.

You managed to penetrate Amazon’s culture of secrecy. Why do you think it is such a tight-mouthed company? Read more »

Stealth Sock Puppetry Returns to Amazon

After last year’s sock puppetry scandal it seems that some people are getting more inventive with their 'reviews' in a bid to harm sales of rivals' books at Amazon. And the sad thing is that Amazon is not prepared to do a thing about it. A case in example is a recent publication of ours 'Secrets of the Dead' by Michael Fowler. Read more »


Amazon's complex reality

In her widely referenced review of Brad Stone's Amazon book, The Everything Store, MacKenzie Bezos (wife of Amazon founder Jeff) accuses the journalist Stone of presenting a "m Read more »


PR Fluff and Puff

We are all guilty of it. Terms such as 'hotly tipped literary sensation', 'bidding war bonanza' and 'the next JK Rowling' (Substitute any authors name you care for here, it depends on the genre – Stieg Larsson, Stephen King, EL James etc). These are no more than PR devices meant to engrain in the mind of the casual reader some element of worthiness to their next ‘must-have’ purchase. The same can be said to books which win awards. The reality is that even the Man Booker is no more than a bun fight in a tea shop. Read more »

Amazon in Japan

As Amazon moves into a leading position in Japan’s e-book landscape, desperate local publishers and booksellers are asking the country’s lawmakers for protectionist measures against the Seattle e-tailer. Read more »

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