The Book App is dead. Again.

News reaches our shores that "The love affair with apps is officially over". This is the conclusion drawn by Forrester and Digital Book World and presented at their New York conference by James McQuivey. Read more »

A Question and Some Random Observations

I’ve spent the last two and one-half days with about 1500 of my closest friends at Digital Book World 2012, this week’s entry into the publishing conference sweepstakes. The conference has grown tremendously in terms of attendance, number of sponsors and breadth of programming over its three-year life and along with some very good speakers and panels, provides an excellent networking opportunity. (Disclosure: I’m a conference junkie and this is one of eight or ten I’ll attend this year. Read more »

Optimism on the wane at Digital Book World as Amazon animus grows

The book business is “like the wild west. Everyone wants to be everything", Hyperion publisher Ellen Archer said to 1500-plus attending Digital Book World in New York on Tuesday.  Where is separation between author, publisher, agent, retailer these days? Read more »

Don't be afraid, don't be very afraid

As Digital Book World -- the first of the two big post-Christmas US e-book conferences -- opens, last week's education announcement by Apple shows how easy it is now for any of the big digital companies to hijack the publishing conversation. Read more »

What Apple’s textbook vision means for publishers


In New York last week, Apple announced their big play for the textbook market. It consists of three elements: a new iBooks Author tool, an update to the iBooks app, and an update to the iTunes University app.

iBooks Author Read more »

3 important questions about digital that nobody is asking.

I was deliberating what I’d write about in my first post for Futurebook and begun by considering the hot subjects everyone is talking about – what % of sales could eBooks account in the future? Are Kobo or Apple genuinely going to give Amazon a run for their money in ebook sales? Read more »

iBooks2 and schoolbooks: first thoughts

So, Apple's big disruption of the entire educational publishing business turns out to be [drumroll]:

  • iBooks2
  • iBooks Author, and
  • iTunes U courseware.

Yesterday, I was worried about what Apple were going to do. Not paranoid - Apple don't create content, which is what we consider our most valuable asset - but worried. Now, though? Not so much. Read more »

Apple iBooks Hangover

Today we all wake up with an Apple hangover from yesterday’s iBooks Education announcement. We all will now face a bombardment of commentary on whether it is good, bad or ugly. Opinion will be divided. Technical detail on file constructs will loose all but the die hard techie. The commercial rights and wrongs of the restrictions Apple have built in to contracts, their pricing vision and much more will be heatedly debated. Read more »

Apple reinvents the textbook with iBooks 2

Apple has unveilved an author tool as well as a revamped iBooks platform aimed specifically at textbook publishers, authors, teachers and, of course, students. Read more »


Join us for a live discussion of the Apple education event

I'm pleased to say that we have teamed up with Peter Cox of Litopia and Redhammer fame to broadcast live on the internet a discussion of whatever it is Apple announces at its 'education' event taking place in New York tomorrow. Read more »

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