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The Spanish digital content market

The Spanish book industry in general and the media in particular are focusing almost exclusively on aspects of digitization that have to do with the sale of digital content (e-books). However, there is a wide range of options for using the opportunities offered by technology to support the promotion and sale of more physical books, which currently represent around 98% of the Spanish market, with ebooks currently at only 2%. Read more »

Top 12 FutureBook blogs from 2012

Had a look at the analytics for 2012 and thought a top 12 most-read blogs list might be useful.

Here they are:

25 ways to generate better online book sales 

by Nick Atkinson

  Read more »

FutureBook conference and awards: the basics

The FutureBook conference and awards is happening today.

Here are a few basics:

Hashtag: #fbook12

Venue: QEII Conference Centre, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3EE Read more »

Interview: Charlie Redmayne, ceo of Pottermore

Ahead of this year’s FutureBook Conference, The Bookseller's Felicity Wood talks to keynote speaker Charlie Redmayne, c.e.o. of Pottermore, about building brands and harnessing fans.   Read more »

FutureBook conference - programme live

This is my final push to encourage you to book onto the conference. The process of putting this conference together has been challenging to say the least. It’s almost become a cliché to say that the publishing industry is at a pivotal moment, but change and disruption seem to be the only constants this year. Read more »

Just say no - but not always

It's hard saying no. And also possibly counter-intuitive. But if I had a pound for every time I've said something along the lines of, "actually, I don't think your book, An Illustrated History of Central Uzbekistani Cookery will be a very commercial eBook/ePub/iBook/App", then I'd be more profitable than your average illustrated publisher. Read more »

FutureBook Innovation Awards shortlist announcement

I am delighted to announce the FutureBook Innovation awards shortlist. I'm also very pleased to announce our awards sponsors are Kobo.

We received 221 entries from 19 different countries. As well as the UK and US, entries have come from far and wide, including: Israel, Norway, Australia, Croatia, India, South Africa, Singapore, Germany and more. Read more »

Whodunnit: Amazon, DRM and VAT

In publishing's own version of Cluedo, who or what is the biggest villain? Read more »

The Ebook Design Features Grid


At Tools of Change – Frankfurt last week, I and Dan Rhatigan did a talk on design and typography in e-reading. Read more »

The Road to Discoverability Part 1 – Metadata, SEO and Serendipity

I was asked to chair a panel at Tools of Change conference last week on Discoverability and it was a theme that emerged time and again across the whole of Frankfurt Book Fair. I thought I’d share the research I did beforehand with links to useful articles.   Read more »

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