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Titanic app: going down in history

Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of its sinking – Titanic: Her Journey collates the knowledge of the world's foremost Titanic experts in one handy app. So how did we do it? Read more »


Fewer. Bigger. Better

When we started thinking about what Collins' digital publishing could look like around Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe by Professor Brian Cox, we knew it had to be ambitious, innovative and of course wonderful to look at and use. We began with a "what if" conversation in which the seeds of the final product were sown. Read more »


Why We Should Care - GAME goes into administration

So, GAME has finally, officially, gone into administration.

First up, best of luck to the near 6000 people employed by the group, and let's hope that there is at least some form of positive outlook.

So why should the book trade care other than a sympathy vote?

Quite apart from the fact that many stores will close and give us one less reason to visit the High St, let's start by looking at the parallels, especially here in the UK (and I'm massively generalizing here, but I could spend all day writing this post...): Read more »

So who Owns the eBook and App Rights?

We think that we know everything about the rights that we own, or licence. We attempt to control their usage and licensing and yet find ourselves constantly looking over our shoulders and wary of increased infringement and outright piracy. Read more »

What we learned from the Nook developer event

Barnes & Noble has yet to reveal the date of its forthcoming UK launch of its Nook e-book reader although its app developer conference did offer some glimpses into how it might be marketed into the UK, a guest blogger on FutureBook writes. Read more »

The swerve effect: digital momentum for your apps and e-books

Less than a year ago, every publisher wanted to make apps. Because tablets were (and still are, in fact: they are even more) hot, and people with tablets use apps. Apps for books as well. So there lay golden opportunities, they thought. But, not even one year further, many publishers now will think twice (and hard) about going into the app business. Because, if they made one (or more), it was most often not successful, and if it actually did manage to be successful, it was either very expensive in terms of investment or it was just one of a kind (and therefore not reproducible). Read more »

Digital strategies: horses for courses

Having spent some time this weekend going through the entries for The Bookseller’s Digital Strategy Award, I thought it might be useful to distill some of the main themes that emerged.  Read more »

Research Reveals Current Situation of eBooks in Brazil

Since the commercial sale of eBooks began in Brazil in late 2009, the number of digital books in Portuguese was always scarce - never more than a few thousand. Apparently, the situation is changing. Read more »

"E-Book Standards" - really?

In the jostle for market share in the tablet space Amazon is betting it will sell a great deal of content through the Kindle Fire as unlike its fierce competitor Apple it does not make money on its hardware sales. Read more »

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