Part 1: KU or KO? On streaming, subscription and big data

Editor's note: The FutureBook community’s Eric Briys, co-founder of France’s Cyberlibris, has provided us with this extensive discussion of ebook subscription services. We have it for you in two parts.
• Part 1: How does (should) subscription really work? Data, pricing and money talk  Read more »

Weekend: Young readers, publishing, and social media

"Operating within their online world" ... In an increasingly digital world, children’s and YA publishers have to market their books using social media platforms. Read more »

eBooks advance in Dutch-language market's second quarter: CB infographic

“There is no flattening out yet over here in ebook sales” ..."Our country is quite unique in the diversity of its ebook landscape," says Timo Boezeman, a sales account manager in the digital division of the Dutch distributor CB Logistics. Read more »

The ideas have it

When The Bookseller launched the FutureBook Hack earlier this year, I wrote that the “book business has a remarkable record in publishing innovation, and a terrible reputation for digital inertia”. Part of the reason for this is that there are more ideas about this business, and what might be changed about how we go about the business, than there is capacity within it for the ideas to be given the oxygen they need. Read more »

#FutureChat: Can better data management make good work stand out?

Into the data dome

It was the kind of conference session that sends attendees out into the hallway wide-eyed and wary. And it was hard not to feel for them, too. Read more »

Unbound among the fans

Unbound is publishing’s answer to the question: ‘What happens when the computer says no, but the reader might say yes?’

Launched in 2011 by three authors—Crap Towns’ Dan Kieran, QI’s John Mitchinson and historian Justin Pollard—the publisher crowd-funds projects that would otherwise struggle to be published traditionally. Its biggest hit to date is Shaun Usher’s Letters of Note—whose funding target of £50,000 was over-subscribed (283%). The book, co-published with Canongate, has now sold 42,000 copies through Nielsen BookScan’s TCM. Read more »


#FutureChateau: Do authors really want to get along?

Join us each Friday when our #FutureChat with The Bookseller's FutureBook community focuses on digital developments in publishing. We'll be live on Twitter at 4 p.m. London time, 11 a.m. New York time, 8 a.m. Los Angeles, 5 p.m. Berlin, 3 p.m. GMT.  Read more »

Altbookstores for different readers

Is it possible to build an e-book website to challenge Amazon on a crowd-sourced basis? We might be about to find out. Over the next two days in New York a team of about 20 volunteers will attempt to do precisely that. Led by Chris Kubica, a live stream of the event begins at 10am EST (3pm in the UK), with a Twitter hashtag of #altbookstore. Read more »


Publishers must make a decision over subscription services

Last July 18th, Amazon officially announced the launch of its ebook subscription platform, Kindle Unlimited (KU). Read more »

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