BISG study: A buffet of digital book subscriptions

Join us Friday, 25th July, when our #FutureChat with The Bookseller's FutureBook community will focus on subscriptions and their place in publishing. We'll be live on Twitter at 4 p.m. London time, 11 a.m. New York time, 8 a.m. Los Angeles, 5 p.m. Berlin, 3 p.m. GMT. Read more »

The debutant's dilemma

How can aspiring writers gain experience these days? The debut novel, once a fertile hunting ground for publishers in thrall to the new, has become a high-risk game of 13-way auctions and all-or-nothing advances. Sure, publishers used to publish too many debuts, but now worthwhile debuts are being ignored and advances for less than £5,000 have become all too common. Read more »


BitLit announces HarperCollins ebook bundling pilot programme

In a potentially major gain for the ebook-bundling concept, BitLit today is announcing its first deal with a Big Five publisher. HarperCollins (US) has entered what is being described as a pilot programme with the Vancouver-based BitLit to offer discounted ebook editions of print books that readers already own. Read more »

10 questions about subscriptions with Andrew Savikas from Safari

Digital book subscription service Safari was founded 13 years ago; it is a joint venture between O’Reilly Media and the Pearson Technology Group. It now has over 150 employees offering more than 27,000 books and videos. Customers pay a monthly subscription, beginning at $24 for individual users, but its primary target is corporate users. Read more »


10 things publishers have been doing (that we should celebrate)

Publishing is all too often, and all too easily, lambasted for all the things it does not do. But we should also acknowledge what has been happening. What publishers have been trying out and in what areas these initiatives have been working. Read more »

#FutureChat recap: How can we pay authors what they deserve?

"I'm tweeting to #FutureChat as both @NicholasLovell and @Gamesbrief. I'm confusing myself."

Author and gaming-business consultant Nicholas Lovell jumped in with both Twitter accounts for our #FutureChat session on author income, and was joined by many others in a free-wheeling exchange of thoughts. Read more »

UK author income survey: Another publishing bombshell

Brace for impact

The key survey revelations commissioned by the UK's Authors' Licensing & Collection Society (ALCS) -- with full details to come in the autumn -- can be expected to ratchet up an already acute sense of tension between the US-UK creative corps and the corporate entities that publish it. Read more »

Nadine Dorries tops May's e-book ranking

Last week The Bookseller published its May e-book ranking, with Head of Zeus once again scooping the top title on the list, The Four Streets having sold 106,528 editions during the month. Read more »

Reading into the future

Hannah Black, of Diversion Books in New York, is the winner of The Bookseller’s latest Essay writing competition, now sponsored by the Frankfurt Book Fair. Black answered a call put out earlier this year to think about how the reader will interact with books in the future. It seemed to me then, as it does now, that for all the good work done in the innovation space by writers and publishers, it is the reader who will be key to driving demand for these types of products. Read more »

They might be giants

Are we at the beginnings of a backlash against big tech? Last week the New Yorker published a disruption takedown from Jill Lepore in which she castigated the tech community for its “reckless and ruthless” philosophy of disruption. Read more »

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