Indie ebookstore Libiro launches

FutureBook asked Libiro's founder Ben Galley a few questions about the new ebookstore:-

What is Libiro?  Read more »

Sweden leads the way on ebook lending

Whilst the UK and the US publishing industries gird their loins to do battle with libraries over ebook lending, the Swedes are just quietly and efficiently getting on with it. Read more »

Startup profile - Glipho

What is your company name? 


Where are you based? Read more »

FutureBook Innovation Awards - open for entry

Excited to announce that the FutureBook Innovation awards are now open. Launched 3 years ago, the awards were the first of their kind to recognise publishing innovation. Read more »

How do you make money when everything is going free?

Stop worrying about the price of books, or music, or art, going to zero. It’s happening. It’s happened. There is no going back.

So now that we’ve accepted that, how do we answer the really interesting question of the twenty-first century: how do we take advantage of the unique, amazing features of a connected society to finance the profitable creation of art and culture? Read more »

Don't tell me the truth about Amazon

In a letter to its membership posted last week Oren Teicher, chief executive of the American Booksellers Association, has urged his members to use their trusted voices to tell their customers the truth about Amazon. He writes: "You and your bookselling colleagues know the real narrative of the Amazon story, but it’s important that we keep in mind the viewpoint and experience of our customers. Read more »

Will you be in the nine percent of publishers that survive?

“Across industries, only 9% of disrupted organisations ever recover,” found Clark Gilbert and Clayton M Christensen in recent research into innovation in digitally disrupted markets. Read more »

Walter White's top 7 business tips

We have some staunch Breaking Bad fans here in ePubDirect. Over coffee recently (the team have breakfast together every Friday), we got talking about how Walter White & Co. would handle e-book distribution. As you can imagine, we drew some interesting parallels. Read more »


The DoJ looks to re-write the e-book marketplace

The Department of Justice's e-book price-fixing case took an a curious turn last week when the Department of Justice sought to re-write the settlement agreements already ratified by the New York court by introducing harsher terms for the final defendant Apple that would impact everyone. Read more »

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