Testing Libboo - an author's view

Being an indie writer can be a lonely existence. We see the mainstream authors populating bookshops and Amazon bestseller lists, often with enticing discounts to tempt new readers. There are now many successful independently published books, but writing a good book is not enough to attract sales. How can we compete from the margins, and spread the message to find our own readers? Read more »

Ranking e-book sales

Last week The Bookseller announced that it would begin running monthly e-book rankings, with data supplied direct to the magazine by all the main trade publishers. Read more »


Book apps or ibooks?

A few facts to begin with: Apple’s App Store started in 2008 (at that time for iPhone 3GS and iPod) and since 2010 the App Store is also available on the iPad. One of its biggest categories is ‘books’. Since 2010 there is an iBookstore as well.  Read more »

The invisible e-book

My ever wise FutureBook colleague Sam Missingham made these comments on Twitter in response to a news story we ran in The Bookseller this week about digital sales decelerating.


E-reader workshops in public libraries

How do you make a decision about which e-reader to buy?  What do you do if your daughter’s given you an e-reader for Christmas, and you keep it tucked in a drawer, reluctant to admit that the thing terrifies you? Where can you get a recommendation for a book app for the lovely new smartphone you just got? Read more »

A cuckoo in the nest

It may seem peculiarly apposite that the publisher of one of the first genuine digital-only front lists suddenly has an e-book-only hit on its hands. Albeit an inadvertent one. And not one published by its digital list Blackfriars. Read more »

Crap Towns returns

One of the strange things about being a pioneer is that you don’t know you’re doing it. This time ten years ago, I was nervously awaiting the release of Crap Towns and to me it seemed like just another book. It was one that was obviously important to me personally, and one that I hoped would make people laugh and strike a few chords and possibly give a few corrupt local politicians and hopeless MPs a kick up the backside. But that was about as far as my thinking went. Read more »

Keep calm and engage

In his analysis of recent online debates around e-book royalties etc the journalist Porter Anderson upbraids the big publishers for being silent over the big issues of the day. Read more »

If agents are selling publishers to authors, does that mean publishers should pay agents commission?

In ye olde days it was simple. Publishers were the marketplace, their only competition was themselves and agents were the conduits through which authors reached publishers.

It was the agents’ job to enrich the feed before publishers selected the final elements to refine and use. It was all reassuringly linear and straightforward. Read more »

Games publishers moving in?

Today, Capcom announced the publication of a project we've been working on, called Remember Me: The Pandora Archive, written by Scott Harrison, in e-book form.

Creating prequels for games, movies etc has almost become de rigeur, but what I find fascinating about this particular publication is that not only have they gone straight to digital, but they've also eschewed traditional publishing in order to publish themselves. Read more »

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