We must become active participants in the shaping of the future

Today we are running FutureBook's Innovation Workshop, in association with my own website The Literary Platform.

It’s been an extraordinary year for book publishers. Every day we seem to witness a new twist or turn of events – many are calling it the Wild West and you can understand why – as these are challenging times for publishers. Read more »

FutureBook Innovation Workshop final programme

We have finalised the programme for our workshop on the 16th June. Venue is Propsero House, 241 Borough High Street. More info here. In my opinion, Sophie Rochester of The Literary Platform has put together one of the most interesting programmes for a digital publishing event to date.  Read more »

A Bibliography of Sponges; or, can publishers mop up the backlist market?

With Google’s interest in ebooks apparently on the wane, might successful e-publishers step into the breach? Read more »

Ken Auletta's "Googled"

If you work in the book trade and you have not yet read Googled, now is the time.

Auletta's book is readable and engaging, but that's not really the point. The point is that it provides an understanding of Google's ethos - both the soft, cuddly internal one with onsite massage and free food and buses, and the aggressive legal/technical drive to push boundaries and be as disruptive as possible. Read more »

Google again cuts publishers the pass

More than once I’ve called this one of the greatest challenges for publishers in coming years: the global and simultaneous availability of your titles. One of the biggest limitations in the modern book world is the way translation rights are (still) arranged. Was it not that big of a problem in the ‘old world’, with e-books and the internet (anyone can visit Amazon from anywhere) this is not quite the case. If a new book of your favourite author is being released, you want to read it. Read more »

Access All Areas: Why Accessibility will be Critical to the Future of Publishing

Through a string of journeys between 1819 and 1857, James Holman circumnavigated the globe during which time he helped to chart the Australian outback, fought slavery in Africa and survived the frozen wastes of Siberia.  His was a remarkable life and even more so in that he was blind.  Described by Sir Richard Burton as ‘The Blind Traveller’, Holman proved that being blind was no barrier to exploration, learning and discovery. Read more »

Android or iOS?

There's a lot of talk about Apple's iPad in the popular media - Apple excel at PR nearly as much as they excel at consumer product design! But for all its merits, is Apple's iOS platform (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) the right horse to back? And is it even necessary or wise to back just one horse? Read more »

A year is a long time in digital publishing . . .

The Bookseller’s FutureBook launched at London Book Fair on April 19th 2010. Which makes it a year (and a bit) old.

Thought I’d let you know how far this digital publishing community has come in a year.

You may not remember but we had a manifesto when we launched, our main aims being: Read more »

Android versus Apple: the commercial choice

If you create apps for iPhone and iPad, there's bound to come a time when you consider Android too. Android is already huge and growing bigger by the day. If you look for facts to base your decision on however, all you're likely to find is market share and sales data. Are these enough? Read more »

GBS: dead but by no means buried

The New York District Court has rejected the (amended) Google Books Settlement Agreement (the ASA) concluding that the ASA did not pass the relevant test of being "fair, adequate and reasonable". Read more »

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