"We're all working twice as hard as we used to"

When asked why we reorganised our senior team at Pan Macmillan at the end of May, I explained that it wasn’t an end in itself but an important step on a long journey. Read more »

The Road to Discoverability Part 1 – Metadata, SEO and Serendipity

I was asked to chair a panel at Tools of Change conference last week on Discoverability and it was a theme that emerged time and again across the whole of Frankfurt Book Fair. I thought I’d share the research I did beforehand with links to useful articles.   Read more »

Online Book Launch for Michael Freeman

Much is written about "marketing on a budget", but more often than not it seems that the advice is still despenced by those whose concept of 'limited' is somewhat inflated. Ilex, however, have come up with a novel and exciting idea which can be implemented for very little indeed – potentially hardware you already have in the office – the online book launch. Read more »

5 things that could change the digital landscape as we know it...


I'm putting my professional reputation on the line but here are 5 things that could significantly alter the digital landscape as we know it. And yes, that is a video for Myspace.

1. Myspace.  Read more »

The story nobody tells

That we are experiencing turbulent times in the book world, is common knowledge to us all. The financial crisis, digitisation of our titles, foreign companies entering our markets and the growing trend of self-publishing, makes that the world as we knew it, will never be the same again. But besides all these external elements, there is a far more important one you seriously have to think about in these times. Because if you want to survive, you will have to be of value. Added value.  Read more »

Brightline, Big City

News comes out of New York overnight that Brightline, yet another new publisher, has entered the e-book market. Read more »

Orion makes room for murder

Orion is to grow its range of community based genre websites with the launch of The Murder Room for readers of crime fiction. It follows the publisher’s success with the SF Gateway, a community site for fans of science fiction that went live a year ago, and which is now to be upgraded. SF Gateway has attracted 27,000 unique visitors over the first 12 months, with e-books featured on the site generating 5% of Orion’s digital revenue in its first year. Read more »

State of play in Italy.

According to AIE (the Italian Publishers Association), in Italy e-books represent 4.4% of all the titles published, accounting for a total of 13 million Euro in 2011. This data, presented at the 2012 edition of the Turin International Book Fair, seems encouraging, but the e-book sales revenue is still only the 1% of the total of trade turnover. Read more »

How To Sell A Kindle Fire

This video is thirty five seconds long. Only six of those actually show the device full on.

That's because Amazon are not selling the Kindle Fire. In fact, they don't even begin the ad by saying that there's a new Kindle Fire. They don't use the word 'new' until the closing frames. This is what they're selling:

- traditional middle class living (battered red mailbox, iconic American dream, middle class image being emptied by Mum or a female child, probably the former.)

- people, smiling. Read more »

Help, it’s la rentrée !!

It is the beginning of September and in bookshops, shelves are near collapsing under the sheer weight of future best-sellers. Of over four hundred books published, only a dozen will actually be successful. Read more »