“TOC was a great ride…”

With those words Tim O’Reilly CEO of O'Reilly Media brought the curtain down on seven years of Tools of Change with the shock announcement of the end of both the TOC conferences and the TOC blog. Read more »

Augmenting the cloud

I finally did it; wrote a book. Better yet I got it published. After 44 years, 9 months and 28 days on this planet I achieved pretty much the only goal I can ever remember having had. If you believe the growing number of 5-star reviews on Amazon it’s pretty good too (although admittedly one of those is by my mother). But these days it’s not enough just to be a good writer with the drive to make your dream happen. As I tell my multimedia journalism students all the time, you have to be able to sell yourself too.  Read more »

Are you measuring your metrics?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in the summer of 2012, leading American novelist Scott Turow voiced his frustration at the publishing industry’s failure to study its customer base. He recalled saying to one of his publishers: “I’ve been publishing with you for a long time and you still don’t know who buys my books” and receiving the reply, “Well, nobody in publishing knows that.” Read more »

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing – Time For the Truth

The self-publishing industry has boomed over the last year—or maybe more accurately has been accepted. And no-one on Twitter and with an interest in the book industry can have missed the deluge of articles hailing the sector—with an added kick at the apparently dead dog of traditional publishing for good measure. Read more »

Good tidings from the end of the world

Everyone knows the doom and gloom stories. Publishers are facing the apocalypse. Amazon is the Antichrist. Read more »


It's crisis. Yes, still. When it will end? Nobody knows. Although, according to Bernard Wientjes of the Dutch labour union VNO-NCW, the crisis will end on 1 January 2016. Right… From previous crises, or attenuated variants thereof, the book world experienced little to no problems. Books are traditionally sold mostly to people who have a bit more to spend. You can at least clearly state that the largest group of book buyers is not on the lower end of the income level. Read more »

White Glove and me

A few weeks ago my first solo novel, The Magpies, was published via my agent using Amazon’s new White Glove service. As I write this, The Magpies is at number 2 in the Kindle chart, priced at 99p, and selling 2,000 copies a day. It is also having the very pleasing effect of pulling several of my other novels, co-written with Louise Voss and published by HarperCollins, up the rankings. Read more »

Kobo throws an aura over the London Book Fair

Kobo's big set-piece launch of its new upmarket device—the Kobo aura—held last night in London should be remembered as the moment the e-bookseller became a serious player in the e-book business. This statement might surprise some. Read more »

Mixed metaphors

The publishing industry is struggling to find the metaphors that describe the transformation that is taking over the sector. This is one conclusion from Digital Minds, the annual digital conference that acts as the Sunday-prelude to the London Book Fair. Read more »

5 Things Publishers Need To Know About Dark Social

(1) What is Dark Social?

Dark Social? Sounds cool. What’s that then? Read more »