Case study: ANovelExperiment by Tom Abba

A case study from Tom Abba, writer and academic: For a some time now I’ve been growing tired of hearing about ePub conversion and xml workflows. The ebook is an essential element of a publishing strategy, but it’s far from being the only part of it. Like a boring uncle at a wedding, it is dominating the whole conversation; we’ve stopped talking about content, and form, and writing, and new digital platforms have become the backdrop for marketing spend and window dressing, not experimentation or genuine innovation. Read more »

Publishing within a particle accelerator: the ePublishing Innovation Forum 2011

Last week's ePublishing Innovation Forum may have been aimed at the “information industry”, but the issues addressed often applied across the entire publishing sector. Read more »

The vital role libraries play in award winning books

The Norwood Author this week won the coveted Sherlock Holmes book of the year award and the author, Alistair Duncan, made a point of highlighting the vital role that the Local Studies unit of Croydon Library played in gathering the research for the book. If you look at the list of research bodies involved it is a who's who of Sherlockian societies and research institutes around the world, but it was the libraries staff that help Duncan unearth dozens of new facts on Arthur Conan Doyle's life. Read more »

Amazon Announces eBooks sales officially passing paperback sales

According to CIO today, Amazon have announced that since April, paid ebook sales have passed paperback sales. 105 ebooks for every 100 paperbacks sold.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the e-book threshold arrived sooner than expected. "Customers are now choosing Kindle books more often than print books," he said. "We had high hopes that this would happen eventually, but we never imagined it would happen this quickly." Amazon has sold print books for 15 years and Kindle books for less than four. Read more »

Random's Sharpe e-book deal leaves agent out in the cold

When agents Sonia Land and Ed Victor announced that they would begin publishing select authors works digitally I wrote that I thought the narrative that agents would disintermediate publishers was somewhat overstated and that a reverse tale might equally become true. Read more »


March is the cruelest month for e

Are we beginning to see the emergence of a mature e-book market with sales patterns that fluctuate at different times of the year? Certainly the recent figures from Book Marketing Limited and the Association of American Publishers suggest that the peak time for e-book sales follows immediately after Christmas, followed by a lull in spring, before they begin to pick up again in the run-up to summer and the longer holidays. Read more »


Understanding why e-book marketshare may not be dropping back for Amazon is now selling more Kindle books than paperbacks and hardbacks combined, with its UK business shifting twice as many e-books as hardbacks. Read more »


Understanding why e-book marketshare may have dropped back

The percentage of e-book purchases has dropped back from the high of the post-Christmas period, falling to 2.5% of all book purchases in volume over the four-week period to 20th March. Read more »


Review: Gems and Jewels iPad app

Carole Blake, joint-MD of literary agents Blake Friedmann has kindly reviewed the Gems and Jewels iPad app for FutureBook: By the time I was offered the code to review this app, I already owned it, having bought it the day it was released.  I had been waiting for it since it was casually mentioned in a talk at the FutureBook Conference last November, but I’d forgotten which publisher was cooperating with Touch Press in developing it.  Immediately the release was announced on Twitter I bought i Read more »

Amazon's astonishing move into ePub

Amazon has told US publishers that it will begin accepting digital files in the ePub format in the near future and will also allow users of its Kindle device to read ePub files.

Users of the Kindle have up to now only been able to use Amazon's own format, meaning they have been locked into buying e-books off the Amazon e-commerce site. Read more »