FutureBook chart with Luzme prices

Here's this week's Futurebook chart with Luzme prices.

If it doesn't show up, then you can see the original live at http://luzme.com/chart/futurebook. Read more »


Publishers thinking digitally first last (and not always)

At the time of the launch of Bloomsbury Reader I queried a couple of digital directors as to why they thought the list was restricted to reviving out-of-print titles or forgotten classics. Why not new books? Why not a digitally exclusive list for books that are not viable (for whatever reason) to publish in print? Read more »


Making the first move

It was after the FutureBook Innovation Workshop a few weeks ago that The Bookseller cornered me in the pub.

“You’re the girl that was rude about the book industry in New Media Age magazine,” they said. I took a slug of my drink and wondered if I should run away. Read more »

Hire Intelligence

All right, just a couple of declarations up front...

This is what you might call a placed piece. I'm writing about something I'm involved in because I was asked to, and with the knowledge and consent of FutureBook.

Also: I have a fat face all of a sudden and I'm really annoyed about it. I'm actually in reasonable shape. I need to do some Pilates for my lower back but, thanks to pain and grunting at the gym, for a guy who sits at a desk all day I'm surprisingly fit. Why, then, do I have cheeks like an engorged halibut?

Well, hmph. Anyway, moving on... Read more »

Madness at the Games Show - Method in the Business?

So, the dust has settled following E3 and I can finally post a few thoughts up here.

For the uninitiated, E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is the biggest trade-only videogames show in the world, held annually in LA. Read more »

We are all postmodernists now

Author Gavin James Bower has written this post for FutureBook: The future of the book, if you believe the hype, hinges less on publishers and more on one of the retail and technology giants – Apple, Google, Amazon – dominating the space, both in terms of market share and platform.  Read more »

Anatomy of a design car-crash, or, why authors still need publishers

Much has been made of the ongoing ding-dong between publishers and agents over certain agents' decisions to publish their clients work directly in electronic form. In March, Sonia Land, agent for the Catherine Cookson literary estate, pulled a flanker on publishers Transworld and Simon & Schuster and announced she would publish the books directly.

Let's remind ourselves what she said to the Daily Mail at the time: Read more »


What's that coming over the hill?

Quite rightly, JK Rowling has decided to cut her publishers in on Pottermore. Publicly her publisher, Bloomsbury, are ‘delighted to be partnering’ Rowling. Privately I can imagine there’s been a certain amount of gritting of teeth – tempered with relief that she did not cut them out of the deal entirely. That would have been wrong, Bloomsbury have done a brilliant job of publishing her. Read more »

Pottermore: the world's biggest enhanced e-book

Though I was most excited by the e-book announcement this morning, now I reflect on it, the real deal here is that J K Rowling is building a giant reading portal around her Harry Potter characters but with only minimal involvement from the publishers, who helped create this brand in the first place. Read more »

Pottermore Lessons (which I refuse to call "Learnings")

So, Pottermore exists, and it is a thing.

(But don't click on that link until after the 24th of June when the rush has died down a bit.) Read more »