Why We Should Care - GAME goes into administration

So, GAME has finally, officially, gone into administration.

First up, best of luck to the near 6000 people employed by the group, and let's hope that there is at least some form of positive outlook.

So why should the book trade care other than a sympathy vote?

Quite apart from the fact that many stores will close and give us one less reason to visit the High St, let's start by looking at the parallels, especially here in the UK (and I'm massively generalizing here, but I could spend all day writing this post...): Read more »

Research Reveals Current Situation of eBooks in Brazil

Since the commercial sale of eBooks began in Brazil in late 2009, the number of digital books in Portuguese was always scarce - never more than a few thousand. Apparently, the situation is changing. Read more »

Technology and EBooks in Brazil

Brazil is not a world example when it comes to digital books. The estimate is that we are three years behind big markets like North America. However, 2012 promises to be the year that things will really happen, so we present here an overview about the technology - both formats and devices - used in Brazil. Read more »

I am proof that publishers love authors

It’s easy to assume that Joseph Konrath is angry at publishers not because he has a legitimate concern with the way they do business but because he suffers from a serious case of a broken heart and hurt pride. It’s easy to assume this because he makes it easy - by running pieces that say less about how Amazon is going to destroy the current publishing industry than they do about how much he hates the Big 6. Read more »

"E-Book Standards" - really?

In the jostle for market share in the tablet space Amazon is betting it will sell a great deal of content through the Kindle Fire as unlike its fierce competitor Apple it does not make money on its hardware sales. Read more »

What are we waiting for?

With less than a 2 % market share, e-books are still to come in Denmark. 

The year 2011 saw a small breakthrough for e-books in Denmark.  However, we are still waiting for the big sales figures to kick in. While we are waiting, some questions are vital. Who will drive the Danish e-book market? How to deal with pricing? What kinds of business models will suit the digital book market? And how can we embrace the new possibilities? Read more »

The book store roars back

Barnes & Noble has said that it will not stock, in its stores, books published under any of Amazon's imprints - including importantly those released by Amazon Publishing's East Coast Group -- run by Larry Kirshbaum -- the books from which will go to market under Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's newly named New Harvest imprint. Read more »

Time for publishers to get (even more) social

You might not know it yet but January 10th 2012 was a big day for the internet and everyone who accesses information through Google.
January 10th was the day that Google introduced* what they are calling Google Search Plus Your World (which most commentators are now referring to simply as Social Search).
  Read more »

More on DRM

I have just returned from New York where I presented an idea at the Digital Book World conference based on the following questions: 

"Could Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology be the cause of a series of negative side effects? And is it actually helping in reducing ebook piracy as it is supposed to do?". Read more »