A Question and Some Random Observations

I’ve spent the last two and one-half days with about 1500 of my closest friends at Digital Book World 2012, this week’s entry into the publishing conference sweepstakes. The conference has grown tremendously in terms of attendance, number of sponsors and breadth of programming over its three-year life and along with some very good speakers and panels, provides an excellent networking opportunity. (Disclosure: I’m a conference junkie and this is one of eight or ten I’ll attend this year. Read more »

3 important questions about digital that nobody is asking.

I was deliberating what I’d write about in my first post for Futurebook and begun by considering the hot subjects everyone is talking about – what % of sales could eBooks account in the future? Are Kobo or Apple genuinely going to give Amazon a run for their money in ebook sales? Read more »

iBooks2 and schoolbooks: first thoughts

So, Apple's big disruption of the entire educational publishing business turns out to be [drumroll]:

  • iBooks2
  • iBooks Author, and
  • iTunes U courseware.

Yesterday, I was worried about what Apple were going to do. Not paranoid - Apple don't create content, which is what we consider our most valuable asset - but worried. Now, though? Not so much. Read more »

FutureBook blog - some analytics

I hope that you will indulge me this post. I spent some of my evening going through the analytics for this blog and thought I might share some of the results.

In the last month traffic to the site has come from:

UK - 32.4%

US & Canada - 25.8%

Rest of Europe - 19%

Brazil - 6.3%

Australia - 3%

Rest of World - 13.5% Read more »

2012 publishing predictions part 2

Following on from Predictions part 1, here's what our international bloggers and commentators predict for 2012:

Julieta Lionetti, publishing consultant, Argentina Read more »

2012 publishing predictions part 1

Yes, it’s prediction time of the year. After such an amazing year for publishing and with some key issues seriously heating up, thought I’d ask our clever bloggers and twitter pals to pin down their thoughts for 2012. So many of you have given your predictions that I have broken it into 2 posts. Thank you for taking the time to do this. 

This time next year I’ll check back on this post and openly ridicule those who were off the mark and crown the person with the closest predictions the King or Queen of FutureBook. Ok, that’s not actually going to happen. Read more »

2011 digital publishing timeline

Thought it might be useful to see all of the big digital stories of 2011 as a timeline. It really has been an extraordinary year. My next blog will be your predictions for 2012. If you haven't let me know yet, then tweet me.   


Ebook sales in US comprised 23.5% of all trade book sales in January

February Read more »

2011: the year the industry got it.

‘To echo what many publishing executives have been saying to us, 2011 will be the year when digital finally takes a significant and measurable share of UK ‘book’ sales.'

Philip Jones’s blog, January 2011 Read more »

Q&A with Rovio's publishing chief Sanna Lukander

Today marks the launch of games developer Rovio's first push into book publishing. The Angry Birds cookbook entitled Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes is the first step in a wider strategy to expand the Angry Birds brand into publishing, licensing, and animation. Read more »