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Welcome to the new boring.

What will happen when Amazon grows up? At the moment the Seattle Godzilla is still firmly entrenched in adolescence. Revenues may be massive but profit remains a shaky concept and too much emphasis is still placed on disruption. Even if it no longer seems all that disruptive any more. Read more »

Can publishers disintermediate Amazon?

So, RIP the Agency Model. You won’t be missed. What is simply staggering is that publishers thought they could rewrite the laws of capitalism by trying to set the price of a product that they were not actually selling. Read more »

Link of the Day

Does the Agency Pricing issue make your brain hurt?

Fear not. Help is at hand. Wired/Tim Carmody's piece on what's at stake and how it all works (or doesn't) in a legal sense is today's must read for all in the book trade. Includes:

definition of hub-and-spoke conspiracy (bad)

definition of conscious parallelism (good)

and some really powerful and interesting points about the legal ramifications of the court accepting the model. 

Go. Learn.


Why the agency model is flawed

When the 'agency model' agreement landed on my desk last week, I was reminded of the conversations I had with music publishers 5 years ago. Read more »

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