Do Publishers Need a Bigger Boat?

If HarperCollins does merge with Simon & Schuster will that be good news for writers? Or, for that matter, readers?

One possibility is that the acquisitions boom of the nineties/early noughties which was fuelled by the last big round of publishing mergers will be disinterred and it will be good times for authors again. Read more »

Is self publishing immoral?

You could be forgiven for thinking that it was given some of the recent coverage it has had. Read more »

Burning the Page - an instant review

I'll be honest, when I saw tweets yesterday mentioning a book from 'Kindle insider' Jason Merkoski I was rather excited. The initial interview on the New York Times' blog offered plenty of tantalising quotes. Read more »

Can publishers disintermediate Amazon?

So, RIP the Agency Model. You won’t be missed. What is simply staggering is that publishers thought they could rewrite the laws of capitalism by trying to set the price of a product that they were not actually selling. Read more »

Who fancies playing chess with Jeff Bezos?

Not exactly a pleasant thought, is it?

Bezos has once again shown that he is a formidable strategist. A Grandmaster. Read more »

Don't Let's be Beastly to Publishers*

Great to see Iain Dale sticking it to the retailers. The reality is though that small publishers have been railing against WH Smith (among others) for years and years. For a small publisher a large order can represent a cash flow nightmare - a risk they have to take, but to see those books come back, months later in unopened boxes is more than dispiriting, it is a real threat to the health of their business. Read more »

The shocking truth : Book buyers have minds of their own

So that's it then. The gigs up.

What I’ve been passing off as Witchcraft and High Magick to grateful publishers for the last 10 years has been unmasked as simply taking advantage of perfectly predictable consumer behaviour, a working knowledge of Google and a sprinkling of common sense.

Dammit. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.  Read more »

Vertical Publishing. Take it to the people.

The relationship between publishers and readers continues to evolve at a bewildering speed.

It could be argued that until very recently publishers had almost no relationship with their readers at all. The entire supply chain of the publishing industry was set up around a premise that essentially ignored the end user (the readers) and mistakenly identified the means of distribution (the booksellers) as their key relationship. Read more »


Amazon’s AutoRip service is simple. You buy a CD, you automatically get a digital file of the same content. (A similar logic applies in DVD purchases of a lot of films these days - you get a free download as well as a hardcopy.)

Connecting the dots - MBA Alumni for the nascent e-book industry Europe?

The digital trade book business in Europe is booming and unlike US doesn’t show any sign of growth deceleration. In Europe, with perhaps the exception of UK, the weight of digital is still so small that the conventional market friction forces aren’t strong enough to absorb the important momentum tied to the digital book rise. Read more »

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