The Unexpected

[Image: Egg Drop Failure, from xkcd, under CC.]

I really thought I knew what today would be like, and then this happened. Read more »

Is Publishing Experiencing Its Own Arab Spring?


The Arab spring swept across many Arab states and was driven by the confidence that others had succeeded and maybe they weren’t alone. Read more »

US Survey Says… ebooks readers read more and much more

We know that readers are reading more ebooks in the US, but now new research gives us some interesting insights into their behaviour and their use of digital and physical content. Some 30% of those that read econtent claim that that they now read longer, with some 41% of tablet readers and 35% of ereaders readers claiming to be reading more. Read more »

The Future of the Book Business: A Classicist’s View

There are lots of articles coming out at the moment which discuss ‘the future of publishing’, but none from a Classicist. Surprising, I know. I’m not even a very good one, but my enjoyment of the rise and fall of great institutions is indisputable and I think I can bring something useful to the debate. Read more »

Research Reveals Current Situation of eBooks in Brazil

Since the commercial sale of eBooks began in Brazil in late 2009, the number of digital books in Portuguese was always scarce - never more than a few thousand. Apparently, the situation is changing. Read more »

Technology and EBooks in Brazil

Brazil is not a world example when it comes to digital books. The estimate is that we are three years behind big markets like North America. However, 2012 promises to be the year that things will really happen, so we present here an overview about the technology - both formats and devices - used in Brazil. Read more »

Amazon Trade In Service

What separates Amazon from the crowd and makes it a true bookseller may be its understanding of the lifecycle of books and of consumer needs and desires. Read more »

"E-Book Standards" - really?

In the jostle for market share in the tablet space Amazon is betting it will sell a great deal of content through the Kindle Fire as unlike its fierce competitor Apple it does not make money on its hardware sales. Read more »

Apple Education Plus iPad?

Before his death Steve Jobs had already targeted textbooks as the next opportunity His idea was to hire the best textbook writers to new create digital versions that were complimentary and exploited the iPad. Read more »

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