What an advertising agency would do with Oliver Twist

I’m going to call you Mr Dickens. I’m going to call your book/product Oliver Twist. For the purposes of debate you’re a brand new author with a brand new book. No one, in short, has ever heard of you. You arrive, in the shiny Soho offices of an advertising agency, with a heavy heart. Having looked at your Amazon KDP report last night you have realised that, despite being published for two whole months now, you have only sold two copies. You bought one and you’re fairly certain your doting Aunt Agnes in Market Harborough bought the other. Read more »

Q & A with Joe Bluhm, lead artist on the Morris Lessmore iPad app

If you aren't familiar with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore iPad app, I highly recommend you download it. The developers Moonbot Studios based in LA have 'blurred the line between picture book and animation' in one of the most visually stunning iPad apps. Joe Bluhm, lead artist at Moonbot gives us the story behind the huge success of this app:

What made you launch a book app? Read more »

Ken Auletta's "Googled"

If you work in the book trade and you have not yet read Googled, now is the time.

Auletta's book is readable and engaging, but that's not really the point. The point is that it provides an understanding of Google's ethos - both the soft, cuddly internal one with onsite massage and free food and buses, and the aggressive legal/technical drive to push boundaries and be as disruptive as possible. Read more »

Why publishers should be bold with their brands in Social Media

Andy Milligan and Shaun Smith authors of BOLD: How to Be Brave in Business and Win have written a piece for FutureBook. As publishers' business changes due to digital and they become more customer-facing, branding in social media becomes ever more important. Andy and Shaun pull out some key findings on techniques the large brands have successfully adopted:   Read more »

Is the digital debate the solution or the problem?

 The great journalist Robert Fisk wrote a piece in the INDEPENDENT newspaper in 2005 which has stayed with me ever since because it articulated a feeling that had been growing since I’d left university a year earlier, a suspicion of the Read more »

Book blogger and reviewer listing.

The book industry is becoming increasingly aware that engaging with a passionate group of book-loving bloggers and reviewers is an integral part of a successful digital marketing campaign. As Maura Brickell of Headline rather brilliantly described here: Read more »

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