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We STILL Need To Talk About Culture

With the London Book Fair ahead of me, and with it a debate on Amazon’s role in the publishing industry, I’ve been asking myself a few questions (which is as weird as it sounds by the way) about our industry.

The question I keep coming back to is culture, specifically the culture that dominates the publishing workforce. Lots has been said about the new skillset that publishers require, but not so much about the new culture publishers require. The one is irrelevant without the other. Read more »

‘Fast Books’ Getting Shorter as Population Gets Lazier

The instant society has arrived with bit-sized chunks in all walks of life. On a similar evolution as almost everything in 2011, books are getting shorter as the reader’s clamour for instant gratification intensifies.

I remember driving in Tennessee in 1990, past the myriad of drive-thru fast food chains commenting to my cousin that there were a couple in London but that they hadn’t taken off. He laughed and told me that the latest evolution was drive through supermarkets and banks – I didn’t believe him, especially on the banks. I was wrong. Read more »

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