How a magical pair of glasses can save your local bookstore. (N.B. They’re not Harry Potter’s)

Ok, Glass, take a photo.

Ok, Glass, film a video.

Ok, Glass, save my local bookstore.

The first two of these instructions Google’s shiny new prototype, Google Glass, can fulfil instantaneously. Simply, pop on the glasses, give the relevant verbal instruction and off they will go. A bit like a digital version of the self-sweeping broom in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. The third one they can’t quite do yet but give it a year or so and I’m sure they will get there. Read more »

Futurebook Conference (I wasn't there)

I was on a plane.

So, while you wretched lot were boozing it up at the FutureBook Conference, listening to Charlie Redmayne tell you true things about branding and all kinds of other coolness, I was doing a seven and a half hour prison sentence with a furious fifteen month old and a vast quantity of projectile humous. You lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky people. Read more »

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