Two and a half thoughts on Amazon's Matchbook

Amazon's announcement on Tuesday of its new Matchbook offer, allowing customers to buy discounted digital versions of print books they’d previously bought from the retailer, is far from the first attempt to bring bundling to publishing. Read more »


Amazon’s AutoRip service is simple. You buy a CD, you automatically get a digital file of the same content. (A similar logic applies in DVD purchases of a lot of films these days - you get a free download as well as a hardcopy.)

Why Bundling Is Good

There's been some discussion about bundling ebooks and print editions recently - because lots of us have been talking about it in connection with the Amazon/Waterstones deal. 

Inevitably, this has led to a counter-discussion which wants hard evidence for bundling being a surefire winner. Philip Jones raises the issue in today's FutureBook email, and points to Evan Schnittman's 2010 blog post taking issue with the idea. Read more »

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