Join the Revolution or Watch and Wait?

I have to admit I was perplexed by John Blake’s comments on the Bookseller blog on 3 May.  Having noted the rapid success of Crissy Rock’s autobiography from morning personal appearance on a TV programme to afternoon number two position in the Amazon Kindle Top Ten, he then asserts that serious readers are more likely to want a hardback over a wait for months for an ebook.  He believes publishers would do well to publi Read more »

Profile: Shane Rae, Digital Publishing Manager for Macmillan

I am pulling together profile pieces from digital publishing professionals. If you would like to be involved, please email me at This is the profile of Shane Rae who is Digital Publishing Manager for Macmillan. His role includes being the social media strategist for Macmillan, these are his thoughts on this specific area:  Read more »

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