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My Independent Bookshop: a new chapter in book recommendation

‘How many times in the last 10 years have you heard people moan that there is simply too much stuff around for them to read/listen to/watch?’ Read more »

Co-Publishing: The Third Way between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing ?

INTRO Thanks to the digital revolution new opportunities have arisen for both the traditional publishing and the self-publishing industries. The two businesses so far have been developing on two orthogonal paths without any relevant crossing. Read more »

Testing Libboo - an author's view

Being an indie writer can be a lonely existence. We see the mainstream authors populating bookshops and Amazon bestseller lists, often with enticing discounts to tempt new readers. There are now many successful independently published books, but writing a good book is not enough to attract sales. How can we compete from the margins, and spread the message to find our own readers? Read more »

5 Things Publishers Need To Know About Dark Social

(1) What is Dark Social?

Dark Social? Sounds cool. What’s that then? Read more »

Getting the most out of Pinterest

Pinterest. We all know what it is: reams and reams of pictures arranged on a host of online pin boards. And as with all new social media platforms, we should be using it and loving it. Right? Well, that’s the big debate. What exactly is Pinterest, is it really worth all the hype and how can we use it to our advantage? Read more »

Lost In Transition

The ISBN, ISSN, BIC and BISC codes and jacket images have all helped the trade, but do they still matter as much in the digital and direct marketing era? Read more »


Last week we had two viewpoints expressed in Digital Book World which raised much debate and further amplified the gulf of dialogue an Read more »

Rethinking the Digital Future

Technology is not only changing how we do business and is introducing a significant challenge in reducing the time to do business. As technology speeds up processes it also highlights those age old time blockages and inefficiencies that didn’t matter, or could not be addressed yesterday. Read more »

Flipping Dodos

In what we think is a publishing first (we are definitely claiming it until someone proves otherwise), The Friday Project launches a book this week that has its own dedicated Flipboard feed.

Allow me to explain. Read more »

Even more bushes to beat – PR in a digital world

I spent some time with Penguin’s stunning On The Road app this week, it’s a treasure trove of engaging content, illuminating back-story and to top it all off it's a book I love.  However what really caught my eye was the pre-publication letter from Patricia McManus, the Publicity Director of Viking, to Jack Kerouac. Read more »

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