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Authors! The future of the book is you

This is a piece that James McConnachie, editor of The Author, commissioned me to write for the Spring 2014 issue of the magazine. I agreed, not least because the magazine is only available in print. But James agreed I could publish it online. Read more »

Are you measuring your metrics?

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal in the summer of 2012, leading American novelist Scott Turow voiced his frustration at the publishing industry’s failure to study its customer base. He recalled saying to one of his publishers: “I’ve been publishing with you for a long time and you still don’t know who buys my books” and receiving the reply, “Well, nobody in publishing knows that.” Read more »

Top 12 FutureBook blogs from 2012

Had a look at the analytics for 2012 and thought a top 12 most-read blogs list might be useful.

Here they are:

25 ways to generate better online book sales 

by Nick Atkinson

  Read more »

Call for papers for FutureBook 2012 conference

The Bookseller's FutureBook 2012 conference will be taking place on 3rd December in London. 

I don't need to tell regular FutureBook readers that 2012 has continued to see huge shifts in our industry. I think many of you were involved in these developments. Read more »

So who Owns the eBook and App Rights?

We think that we know everything about the rights that we own, or licence. We attempt to control their usage and licensing and yet find ourselves constantly looking over our shoulders and wary of increased infringement and outright piracy. Read more »

Encyclopaedia Britannica Stop The Presses

Encyclopaedia Britannica have announced what we all thought had already happened and that it will cease production of its printed 32-volume Encyclopaedia. Encyclopaedia Britannica remains the oldest English-language encyclopaedia being first published in Edinburgh 244 years ago, between 1768 and 1771. Read more »

So How Do You Reward The Author?

At one end of the value chain we have ebook pricing, which today is in need of a sustainable model that is in the consumer interest. After all, they are the final arbitrator and the only one who actually puts real revenue into the chain. At the other end, we also find a similar need for a sustainable reward model, which is in the long term interest of the author. Read more »

The Future of the Book Business: A Classicist’s View

There are lots of articles coming out at the moment which discuss ‘the future of publishing’, but none from a Classicist. Surprising, I know. I’m not even a very good one, but my enjoyment of the rise and fall of great institutions is indisputable and I think I can bring something useful to the debate. Read more »

PayPal Bans PayPorn!

Tomorrow what we can read, watch and the art we observe may not be decided by ourselves or governments and laws but by a new breed of censors. These censors may have no qualification or experience, just the ability to switch off those who they deem unfit. Read more »

How Do You Price eBooks?

Some would suggest that current ebook pricing resembles the kitchen floor after the baby has had its dinner, with bits of food left all around waiting to be tidied up. Read more »

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